Crusell Duo No 2. movement 1


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A retypeset, from a public domain score found on
It is easy to extract parts. The piece is also very suitable to change the clarinet of one part into a flute, for a clarinet-flute duo.

This is only movement 1 out of 3.
m1: Allegro agitato ma non troppo
(m2: Siciliano)
(m3: Rondo alla Svedese)

Tags: Duet
Genre: Classical
Format: Transcription

Comments (4)

noudio's picture

Again updated the version. There was one wrong note for voice 1 at measure 105, G must be a G#

noudio's picture

I replaced the version, so that it is played with the right speed.

rs's picture

Nice clarinet duet. I play the clarinet, and i would like to play this piece, yet it seems easy for me.

noudio's picture

The melodies are not (too) difficult, and lots of stuff is repeated between the two parts, so if you know one part, you play the other part quite fast. However, it must be played a tiny bit faster (more agitating) then it is done here. It will also swing much more than a computer can do. Also: at speed you will find it a challenge to still make it sound nice. There are quitte some challenging stacattos in there... (...and no!.. those triplets are not slurred... ) And to have real tight synchronicity with the other player so that the sounds will melt together... Good stuff for practicing together... (at least for me then :-) )

(that's _not_ me, by the way!)

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Uploaded Dec 1, 2012
Pages 6
Duration 6:29
Measures 151
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 2
Part names
  • Clarinet (2)
License CC Zero
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