Undertale: Undertale (Piano)

Uploaded on Oct 21, 2015

A piano arrangement for "Undertale" (from the game Undertale - http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/) by Toby Fox

Feel free to use/modify this arrangement however you'd like, but please give credit

undertale piano ost

Pages 5
Duration 06:09
Measures 115
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Creative Commons copyright waiver
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Amazingly beautiful, yet somewhat sounds as if it was for a tragic tale. Perfectly executed.
thank you for making this! it seems like it would make an amazing duet and i'm glad to learn the theme to one of my favorite games!
At bar 102 I just almost cried this seems like it took years to make and this will be impossible to play. But this is beautiful.
I logged in just to comment on this. I wanted to skip to the parts that I wanted to hear, but I had to stay and respect this song, it was so perfect. So much people *cough LOOKING AT YOU CULT cough* obsess over undertale's songs for it's bossfight music, but it's the songs like these that make me really respect Toby Fox as an artist. Keep making great songs and arrangements!
Thanks so much for making this!!! I used your arrangement as a basis to make an arrangement/really cool audio source. https://musescore.com/pimplup/undertale (You got credit of course!) Anyway, thanks again!
its beautiful! I'm gonna take this to my piano lesson and lean how to play it!
No exactly, They share the same leitmotif meaning they sound similar (like sans. and It's Raining somewhere else) but they're not the same.
Oh I guess Toby Fox just likes some of his songs so much that he kind of reueses them
Funnily enough, if you compare a couple songs, there are actually quite a few that are pretty much the same tune. So in a way, Toby Fox did the smart thing by basing the songs on the main character you are trying to save. Have you played the game yet?
Ya not all the way tho I got stuck on Mettaton EX so I watched my friend play it lol I almost beat bad time simulator before it became infinite my favorite song is Death by Glamour I like Smooth McGroovs version
I got through the Pacifist but got stuck on Sans on genocide... I gave up. There was no way I could beat him.
I just watched a video of his battle and I can see why he makes Mettaton EX look mild
My dyslexia could not handle this X3
Maybe Undertale is the game with the penguins?
You're sure there aren't any creepers?
The main character's name isn't Twilight Sparkle?
I just pooped my pants this was so amazing I'm older than 5 call 911
SO BEAUTIFUL! I'm going to try and learn to play this on my harp because of course they don't have any harp undertale music for one person 😔
dude, nice troll, but it kinda gets old when you spam lots of it on the same piece. try putting like one or two spreed out over several pieces.
what are you talking about? What is a "troll"
Something like a hack or a cheat
Aren't they the bad guys in my little pony?
can you do an arrangement of the Five Card Shuffle by Kevin MacLeod please?
This is beautiful! I plan on taking piano lessons. You've filled me with HOPE and DETERMINATION! :D
This is a beautiful peace. I used your score to make a remix (I Credited You). Thanks (I'll send a link as soon as I finish it) :)
I wanna learn this, you have filled me with HOPE and DETERMINATION.
I thought that there was supposed to be creepers in this game
Isn't Undertale the game with a rainbow cat?
No, this is undertale: http://store.steampowered.com/app/391540/Undertale/
This can be played with two hands as long as you can reach an octave. I can play it out now.

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