Uploaded on Oct 11, 2018

This is an arrangement of Howard Shore's "Rohan Theme" that he composed for the second Lord of the Rings Movie. It is only the first two and a half minutes or so of the eight-ish minute piece. The original starts with a fanfare featuring brass and drums and then goes into a quieter section. The quiet section grows and then suddenly holds out a quiet chord before a beautiful violin solo with much vibrato comes in. After that more instruments come in again and then a horn call. The original would then go swooping into the main theme again, but I chose to cut after the horn call.

I arranged this for 8 horns as a sort of 'rest piece' because it is for a concert with a rather tiring rep. So, if you wanted to use it for a group of horns I would reccomend cutting it down to 6 parts as that was my original plan.

I believe the original goes at half the speed with more sixteenth notes, but most french horn players don't like a lot of notes close together, so I chose to go double time.

Once again, in case it was not clear, I do not take credit for Howard Shore's wonderful composition, only for doing my best to capture it with french horns. If you want to listen to his original piece, search Rohan on Youtube and you should find it pretty easily. Or watch the movie! :)

Lord of the Rings Rohan French Horn

Pages 11
Duration 02:24
Measures 87
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 8
Part names French Horn(8)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Public domain
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