Linus and Lucy

Uploaded on Nov 8, 2015

Merged the two solos into this one :)

Pages 5
Duration 02:46
Measures 111
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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I've done another (read: more simple) version. This is amazing! I want to learn to play this.
Not trying to be mean but you could have done it in A flat major instead of e because all of the d's in this piece are flat
I love it I'm learning the jazz part I can do it all except the two jazz parts
I love this one. One of my favorites.
thanks bro I might play this for my fam for Christmas!
if only I played the piano :( but good job it sound good!
I know you probably don't care, but when you search "Linus and Lucy", the second result is an exact replica of yours. May want to figure that out
its the third result now, but yeah
in measure 48 there's that rest that comes out of nowhere at the end of the measure. I didn't hear it in other YouTube recordings I saw - is that part of the original or something?
okay yeah that's not supposed to be there, BUT I didn't actually write this out, so idk how to fix it
puzzled. second transcription here with a flat missing in the key signature. I like the solo parts
Yes, I have another version of this, which uses all the same notes--but it's in the key of A flat. There should be one more flat (D) in this.
GREAT job, I love it!!! Except that the B naturals in the bass line should be labeled as C flat, due to the fact that the arpeggio raises a 5th then a 4th, it is best make it a C flat, to avoid confusion, that's all, otherwise, excellent.