Thunder~Imagine Dragons

Uploaded on Jul 27, 2017

Thunder by Imagine Dragons for Piano, arranged by me. hope you like it!! :)

Thunder imagine dragons thunder evolve thunder piano imagine dragons piano evolve piano thunder piano arrangement thunder advanced imagine dragons advanced piano thunder advanced piano

Pages 4
Duration 03:06
Measures 57
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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At 00:13 and 00:14 ish there’s a little “click” but still super awesome
yo everybody,come to magna centre,if you can.
I am very bad,but I will get use to the left hand
I'm printing it right now!!!
That, IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus, you made it from scratch.
Is it just me or is it that all the "Imagine Dragon" songs sound familiar in a good way?
They do, i think it might be Dan's voice (Dan Reynolds is their main vocalist)
wow u have 48000+ views bravo amazing
(btw my friend wanted me to learn this thanks now he’s very happy
This song is so motivational to just be strong and don't give up. I love it nice work
May I use this arrangement to recreate my own?
Sure! Just give me credit if you use most of my own cover
Wow nice job!! How long did it take for u to create this
I don't remember actually, i think about an hour though
I play piano professionally and I am using this for my next hit
could you please give me credit as the arranger?
This is so funny to hear a technology-made and electronic song played by a piano
the thunder part is a bit off
But it is the best of all the "Thunders"
Thank you!
I did it to Dan's voice, and rediscovered, that I actually wrote out the harmonizations and the melody he does, not just the melody, which is why it does sound a little off.
My mom doesn't listen to the original song because of "some strange instrument that is so not Imagine Dragons." Maybe she will listen to this XD
This is amazing, cant wait to learn this!
I hope you enjoy learning it! It is reletively basic for an advanced score. The only thing to really watch for is the syncopation.
did u plagiarize stealthviper421 or did he/she plagiarize u?
I made this score from scratch and (not intentionally accusing anybody of anything) this score I made has been plagiarized already multiple times (you can look in the other comments for links). I am also pretty sure this was the first advanced piano score of thunder on MuseScore, but I am not 100% sure on that.
I thought so. Thanks for the response!
Thats mean. This is an AMAZING piece. You try to make your own song from scratch
On what? Not the best arrangement that you have heard of it? Constructive criticism is welcome here :)
Wow! Do you get payed for this? You're amazing!! I've been playing the piano for fun lately, and I looked up this piece. I think I have a favorite. AWESOME!! :D
I spelled paid wrong. Now I feel stupid xD. Well, live & learn
Nope, i do not get paid. This is just a hobby actually. Arranging music is fun, and i do it for the fun of it, no money involved. I have this score on youtube as well.
You know it's a hobby when you put all this work into and still not get paid.
Agreed, that's why I don't have this on websites that make users pay to use the music. It's only on musescore for free
35,000+ Views!!?? Wow!! Thank you so much everyone for all the support that you have given me!! I can't believe that this score has become the 4th most viewed Imagine Dragons piano arrangement on Musescore! Thank you so much for making that possible!! :D :D

EDIT: 6 months ago it was at 35k views, now it's the 2nd most viewed Imagine dragons piano score with 53.5k views. Thanks! :D