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Voice, Percussion(3), Viola, Cello
That oldest of images, snowflakes falling
That coldest of melodies, snowflakes calling
In whispery voices like regrettable choices
You're doomed to remember this late in December.

The Rocks of Nighttime

2 parts7 pages026 months ago30 views
Voice, Piano
Black on black is clearly written
that the dawn will never come;
undead mutant ghosts of daylight
have consumed the spotted sun.

There'll Never Be Goodbye

2 parts6 pages02:5111 months ago149 views
Voice, Piano
This is the theme from Rintaro's 2001 film "Osamu Tezuka's Metropolis". The film mixes elements of Fritz Lang's 1927 film and Tezuka's manga with a jazz-inspired score to produce a milestone in animated features. This theme is used in various guises through the film, but sung only over the credits. I couldn't find any version on Musescore, so I've posted this simple voice-and-piano arrangement. Ms. Obata's lyrics have been slightly polished up, and rearranged so that they can be regarded as corresponding (at least metaphorically) to specific events in the film.

The rights in the original work are presumably held by Toho, or by Mr. Honda and Ms. Obata, in the event of commercial use.

Desert Frost

1 part8 pages05:13a year ago125 views
Unseen before dawn,
droplets soon after:
desert frost.

Children of Wind and Time

8 parts14 pages02:17a year ago74 views
Voice, Piano, Flute, Percussion(2), Harp, Violin, Cello
Waves glisten in the moonlight, simultaneously new and changeless.

Desolate Blue

2 parts4 pages01:10a year ago60 views
Voice, Piano
If the sky were a beautiful blue ocean and you could fall up into it, would that be a good thing?

Sailing Into Time

6 parts12 pages02:19a year ago52 views
Voice, Flute, Trumpet(2), English Horn, Trombone
A 19th-century journey to a 21st-century truth.

Pretty Blue

2 parts6 pages02:32a year ago63 views
Voice, Piano how you can feel after it's over. And both words apply.