Alan Walker - Faded

Uploaded on Oct 25, 2017

Pages 3
Duration 03:25
Measures 78
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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You are literally the fourth person to comment this can people PLEASE stop spamming!? This is not what the comment section is for! The comment section is for feedback and relevant commentary, not useless, unrelated, annoying, irrelevant spam like this!
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love this song i could play it really well
I played this on the piano WELL DONE the only thing I changed was adding the pedal too it it kinda made it better good job anyway!!
is this played on the black keys
In this key, yes, one sharp is played. In the original key, there are six flats to play.
Oh, if you have the MuseScore app, you can just transpose it there. I tried, and the key you can use to change it to the original is G flat major/ E flat minor.
Ever since I learned this, it has been my jam EVERY SINGLE DAY!
Do you play clarinet if you do respond to me so you can be in my group
I do play clarinet! I’m a intermediate!
How did you get this many views in 11 months?
TYSM! I can't memorize the lyrics so this is a big help!
It was okay. I don't really like the repetitive left hand. I like it changed up! My Spectre:https://musescore.com/user/27292956/scores/5266603
Then again, it's also semirepititive...