Intro Theme- Pokemon Black & White

Uploaded on Jan 1, 2017

I've had this one for a really long time, it's actually unfinished because I'm writing the main theme of the start menu as well (notice the organ that I forgot to remove), but I will post what I made of this, you know, for the views (;
For those of you that wanna know what I'm working on, and how much of a lazy procrastinator who starts tons of projects, gets bored, then moves on to another project without finishing the last, here is the list (straight from the "open" screen of musescore so it's what I've opened in chronological order, however, that does no mean that any of the songs have any priority over another) of what I got cookin:
Midna- Twilight Symphony
Frontier Village Dali- FFwhatevernumber
Twilit Ice Mass Blizzeta- Twilight Symphony
cket- Terror in Resonance
The Park is Closed- Jurassic World
Waltz of the Bugs- Twilight Symphony (been scratching on this one since like Feb 2k16)
Twilit Arachnid Armogohma- Twilight Symphony
Nintendo Ending Medley- Symphonic Legends
fugl- Terror in Resonance
Ralis, Prince of the Zoras- Twilight Symphony
Twilit Dragon Argorok- Twilight Symphony
Mt. Horn- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
Goodnight Julia- Cowboy Bebop
Ooh, Wilfre!- Drawn to Life
Cave Story Compilation Part 2- Cave Story
Car24- Cowboy Bebop
Partner's Theme- Super Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Sky Pillar- Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Sky
The Egg and You- Cowboy Bebop
Gateway- Cowboy Bebop
Innocent Green- i forget where this is from, but it's Yoko Kanno
What Planet is This!- Cowboy Bebop
...honestly I'm probably never gonna finish the ones past Twilit Dragon Argorok. Ha!

All rights to Nintendo, The Pokemon Co., and Go Ichinois

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