Save Me - BTS

Uploaded on May 12, 2016

This song is by the wonderful BTS!!! IF you haven't heard of it, this is another song in their new album called Save Me.
Anyway this is my first time transcribing a song by ear so please please please give me suggestions for improvement!!!

BTS young forever save me bangtan sonyeondan

Pages 3
Duration 01:48
Measures 65
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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There’s always so much tea in the comments
Thank you so much for your hard work, your arrangement is wonderful!
measures 36-38 sounds just like fetish, no fetish sounds like save me, love iiit (ignore my username, it was the 1st thing that came into my mind)
I really wish I was better at piano! (I'm a noob) But once I get better, I'll irritate my friends by playing this so much... lol
It's actually pretty good for the first time transcribing a song by ear. It's quite hard if you don't have experience.
I can finally kill my friends with the power of my K-Pop piano skills😂😂
I'm in love XD Now I can die in my friend's screams. -v-
*DIES INSIDE* YUS! Now I can annoy the crap of my K-pop hatin sister!!!!!!!!!
I should learn how to play this and play it to my friends. later they start screaming and stuff... ;-; ( - _ - )
Tks you so much ! :D U did a really great job ! :3 I love this song ! <3
Can someone make this but instead of the notes like this, can you write the keys with letters? I'm not a very experienced piano player and that would be very helpful! My Instagram is: lovisa.odeen and myTwitter is: mendesftirwiiin. Thanks!
thank you so much for the sheet music <333
no worries haha I'm glad to help. Oh and just to inform you, this isn't the full version, or the intended version (like the original), I added a few twists and stuff like that.
Sorry! I don't know how to!!! I will probably try to, but sorry!! >_<
i think u go back to the musescore app and create a new download, and change it to viola clef?? sorry I tried to do that and I didn't work...
oh okay, I will try to do that, but I think I've reached my limit of 5 scores -_-
I might need to make a second account... but yes I will definitely try to change it to viola clef!
Did u mess up the key signature in the first to bars?
In the first 2 bars, I thought it sounded fine...? I don't think so...but then, this is my very first piece to transcribe and arrange so yeah, there will be a hella lot of mistakes in this one.
Yes! This is my favorite song on the album. You did an awesome job for your first time transcribing by ear by the way. How did you do it? Do you just play around on the piano until you get the different parts?

The only suggestion I could give is to maybe make the song more soft in the beginning and gradually build into the dramatic parts. Because having it strong throughout is a bit tiring, but I noticed that the ending was just perfect.

Also, I'm so happy BTS got a win for FIRE. Hwaiting Bangtan!
Lol thank you very much!!! I know it's a bit rough for a first-time piece and thank you very much for suggestions, I shall add it!! Oh and as for transcribing it, I tend to be a little bit technical. For the right-hand, most of the time I guessed that (lol) by listening to the song a billion times while sitting in front of the piano. For the left hand though, I tend to start with chords for each bar. Then, I look at other similar-sounding pieces that I have and look for rhythms and patterns that may match the chords (Since I also play percussion, I find this part quite easy). I apply the rhythm, edit stuff, delete stuff and 'flower' the entire piece. I probably flowered this piece too much (lol soz).
And yes, Fire is life.
Okay, thanks so much for sharing how you transcribe. I want to learn how to myself. Anyways, good luck with whatever you work on next!