Yuri!!! on Ice - Piano Theme Full

Uploaded on Oct 27, 2016

EDIT: Hi guys, I've edited the score after listening to the theme a few more billion times and fixed some mistakes as well as cleaned up the score and gotten rid of those random rests scattered along it. I apologise to those who've already started learning the unedited score, but I promise this is a lot more true to the original!

The full piano theme for Katsuki Yuuri's free program on Yuri!!! on ICE. This was done by ear, from: http://parry-repost.tumblr.com/post/152344099684/yuuris-fs-theme
Let me know if there's anything I've missed. Enjoy, YOI fans!

yuri on ice yuri!!! on ICE yoi instrumental anime theme

Pages 6
Duration 03:26
Measures 122
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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what month is the movie coming out? I need to know <3
It’s great! I LOVE IT!!!
I love this song so much!!!!!! When it gets to measure 51 to 66 I get so emotional! Thank you for transcribing it!!!!!!!!!
you’re missing the chord at the end!! but other than that amazing job
I can hear Victor screaming now >-<
The most beautiful piece I've ever heard, great job!
this is so beautiful, I can't. I love this anime with all my heart
Thank you so much
I know I'm super late here, but would anyone be able to help me with finger positioning in the first bit (I know it's super basic but whatever I do it feels wrong and difficult to move my hand) thanks!
Should the ending have another note? It feels incomplete.
But overall, this is amazingly an beautiful piece! ^^
I played this song in sync with the actual piece and I couldn't tell them apart. Good job!
Can anyone guide me on the ABRSM grade level of this piece?
Hey I am currently doing grade 3 and this is something my teacher would give me.
lol your teacher is crazy, this is definetely at least a 5th grade piece
It doesn't contain much complicated technique required for a grade 8 piece. It's relatively simple but it's very fast. Judging from my own past experiences this is probably a grade 5-6 piece but the speed may suggest otherwise.
someone please give me motivation i find this a bit hard
Even Yurio would be proud if you could play this
omg this is definitely beautiful im crying
and now when im trying to play this its hard af but im still trying cuz its just too beautiful
Hi, I write stuff for string ensembles and, as this piece is... super confusing... I was wondering if I could use this arrangement as like a reference for some melodies and chords and such? I would be changing quite a bit to make it playable for vln/vla/vlc like adding an extra part, adding some extra notes to make it flow more on strings, articulation changes, some shifting between octaves and stuff. I would credit you, so I was wondering if this is ok?
Anyone know how to finger measures 97 & 101 in part J?
Haha. I was wondering that too. Actually, my hands are barely big enough so I just simplified it to the top two notes. It doesn't sounds that much different because of the left hand notes, so it should be fine. (Simplifying it made it a lot easier for the other fingerings too... Although it's sorta lazy)

P.S. cats
add a chord on the end or sth. idk if it's actually in the piece in the anime, but it makes it sound like the piece is finished.
I think it actually is like that in the anime. At least it is in this video:

P.S. ragdoll kitty
it is now unavailable because of copyright issues
may the anime gods bless you for this
0:30 to ~0:35 needs to be repeated once, not trying to be overly critical but just something i noticed. Great work everywhere else, not too challenging.
Can someone help with the fingering of part D I can do it just fine but I want a more efficient way to do it, my hands are big enough to reach an octave and one note more but someone please help!
Do you still need help? I use my left hand for some of the lower notes