The Cat, The Rat, and the Cheese

The Cat, The Rat, and the Cheese: Encore

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This was born out of my original sketch for movement 3. I didn't like what I'd written, so I canned it and wrote something else. However, I've decided to go back and touch it up. What do you pianists think about the playability at the end, specifically in measure 44 (perhaps at a slower tempo)? I've considered giving the melody parts to another instrument in order to free up the pianist's hands to do all the fancy chordal stuff, but so far, this work has been a piano solo, and I just wouldn't feel right bringing something new in just for the ending.

If this work were a meal, this piece would be the dessert.

EDIT: I thought I could live with a final cadence to the I chord in 2nd inversion. I figured I'd leave everyone a little dissatisfied, keep 'em hungry for more. But it was driving me crazy!