Ten Commandments

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This hymn on the Ten Commandments is based on the explanation of the Decalogue (Ten Words) as found in Questions and Answers 92-115 of the Heidelberg Catechism. (This Reformation Catechism can be viewed here: http://www.heidelberg-catechism.com/en/) One of the beauties of this Calvinistic catechism is that it explains the Decalogue as a way for Christians to show themselves thankful for the saving work of Christ. We do not obey the law of God in order to effect our salvation (a works righteousness); rather, we obey the law to show the Lord and our neighbour how thankful we are for the work that Christ fully and freely did for us.

Here is the text:


1.I am the Lord, your God who set you free.
I brought you out from your captivity.
Do not forget that you were once enslaved
by that cruel Pharaoh, who against you raved.
You are my children—hear my cov'nant words
and live in thankfulness to me, your Lord.

2.The first commandment says that I must know
the one true God and to him honour show.
I will avoid and flee idolatry
and trust in God with all humility.
I will expect all good from him alone
and worship him who sits on heaven's throne.

3.The second word reminds us not to make
an image of our God; we must forsake
all self-willed worship of our jealous Lord.
Such senseless rev'rence goes against his word.
He's told us how he wants us to be taught:
through living preaching by his servants brought.

4.The third commandment tells us what God hates:
he loathes the one who his Name denigrates.
Do not blaspheme the holy Name of God
which by all people must be feared and awed.
Exalt the LORD in all you do and say.
Confess him rightly; praise him day by day.

5.The fourth commandment says that we must rest
to hear the preaching, that we may be blest.
With all God's people call upon his Name.
In prayer and song we will the Lord acclaim.
Rest evermore from all your evil ways.
Begin right now a life of constant praise.

6.The fifth commandment calls me to obey
both of my parents, who teach me God's way.
Them I must honour and love faithfully
and do the things with which God's Word agrees.
If I submit to their wise ruling hand
I may look forward to the promised land.

7.The sixth commandment says I'm not to kill
my neighbour nor am I to do him ill.
Moreover I am not to harm myself
but take great care of my God-given life.
I must show love and heartfelt friendliness
to every neighbour, with all gentleness.

8.The seventh word forbids unchastity.
It's cursed by God, and from it we must flee.
Whether we're single or are man and wife
the Lord calls us to live a holy life.
Because I am a temple of the Lord
I'll not do that which by him is abhorred.

9.The eight commandment forbids robbery
and wicked schemes, false weights, and usury.
Greed is condemned as is all squandering.
Creator God is Lord of everything.
I must be gen'rous and work faithfully
to help the ones who suffer poverty.

10.The ninth commandment calls me to be true
in all I say and everything I do.
I may not twist my neighbour's spoken word,
but love the truth as one who serves the Lord.
Deceitful words are Satan's own domain.
My neighbour's reputation I'll maintain.

11.The tenth commandment says that I must be
well satisfied with what God gave to me.
My neighbour's goods belong to him alone.
I must respect the things he calls his own—
his fields, his cattle, all his lands and house,
his stewardship from God, and his own spouse.

12.We've been delivered from our wretchedness
by Christ, who shed his previous blood for us.
Now by his Spirit we are born once more
that we may praise our Lord, whom we adore.
All praise to God who sits on heaven's throne.
Praise Father, Son, and Spirit, Three in One.

George van Popta, 2018

Ten Commandments thankfulness

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