The Prayer of Azariah

Uploaded on Dec 26, 2018

This song is based upon the Apocryphal pray of Azariah found as an addition to Daniel, inserted between 3:23 and 3:24.

1. We praise your Name, O LORD and God,
the God of all our fathers!
Your name is glorious and we laud
your fairness and your powers.
Your ways are good; you’re made them known.
Your justice is unswerving,
We bow before your throne
and in our grief we softly groan.

2. God, we have sinned and done what’s wrong.
Your word we have rejected.
We have provoked you all day long.
Your laws we have neglected.
Now you have cast us from our land
and sent us into exile
to rebels vile.
You have your people banned
and thrown us out with your own hand.

3. For your Name’s sake do not revoke
your cov’nant made with Isr’el.
Though we have sinned and you provoke
have mercy on your people.
Lord, we confess our wickedness,
our guilt and indiscretion,
our transgression.
O God of righteousness,
whose love and grace are limitless:

4. With contrite hearts we humbly bow
and plead upon your pity.
Forgive us, Lord, accept out vow
that we will walk uprightly.
Lord, for the sake of your great name
save us from evil powers
and hellish fires.
Deliver us from shame
according to your glorious fame.

hymns Apocrypha Daniel Azariah

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Key signature 1 flat
Parts 2
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