Christ Jesus for us Suffered

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This Good Friday hymn is based on Lord's Days 15 & 16 of the Heidelberg Catechism. Here's the text of the song:

1. Christ Jesus for us suffered
in body and in soul.
Himself for us he offered
to save us, one and all.
His offering brought atonement,
the needed sacrifice,
to give us full enjoyment
of everlasting life.

2. Though innocent he suffered
conviction unto death.
The sinless One was offered
to free us from sin’s threat.
Christ’s death gives me assurance
that he’s removed the curse.
The cross showed God’s abhorrence
for sinful deeds and words.

3. The truth of God demanded
the death of God’s own Son.
Christ Jesus was abandoned
and shunned by everyone.
By two men he was buried;
they lay him in a tomb.
To life we now are carried
and saved from certain doom.

4. Christ death for us is helpful;
with him we’re crucified.
Through him all that is dreadful
in us begins to die.
Sin reigns in us no longer;
‘twas buried in his tomb.
Sin’s lust we learn to conquer
by giving it no room

5. To hell our Lord descended
to free us from its pain.
He suffered, was tormented
to set us free again.
His pain was without measure;
he suffered it for me.
To give me heaven’s treasure;
that I may with him be.

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