Megalovania- Flute Solo

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Uploaded on Jan 22, 2016

Hahah, this took me forever.. I used some other people's idea for the base, and some other parts are converted from instruments. I do not own Undertale nor the original music of 'Megalovania'

Undertale Megalovania Sans Genocide

Pages 2
Duration 02:10
Measures 65
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Flute
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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this was very helpful for pissing off people in band class
why people always comment this nonsense like magic_8107 and LOtto316, it is so cringy it makes me want to die
At 40 you should change B in B♭ and also in 45, 49 and 53. "DaPpEr BlOoK"
LOtto316 not to do a heckin rude but plz comit a toasterbath
But i like the tromBONE as well...
Well ima go watch finding dorITOS
RedBanditFlute_. Why you gotta be such a nerd. Screw fortissimo and pianissimo. Just play the dang flippin song. It's as great as my face.
i have f6. its my 7 year old keyboard, and i can sell it for $561 rn
@miniyoon, I don't either. I've only seen it on older computers
Hey shushirole nice TEMEET you ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Guys, this actually doesn't work. I tried it.
i love this type of music me too i do flute and i can say that it is beautifully played!
help fam...i am not yet that great in playing the flute...but can some one please tell me the letters of what each note corresponds?
thank you...
coming from someone who has played flute for almost 4 years, I find this difficult... I'd try taking it at a slower tempo until you get used to playing it then get a little faster as I go along. Hope this helps!
I would recommend printing the music out then using a chart and write in the note letters underneath the actual notes
I agree with mmarmar1234 satella123456789! Also, I would say that this isn't such a beginners song! Have a great day!!!
I really recommend learning how to play the flute first before attempting this, as well as using fingering chart to look off as you play if you can’t read the notes.
This song also probably isnt agood choice from beginners. if your looking for undertale pieces to play on flute for beginners, there are tons that are much better suited to inexperienced players
You should definitely invest in learning hseet music :p
the general trick to remember is FACE for spaces (going bottom from top) the lowest space (between first and second line) is f, then next one up is a, c, e.
the lines are Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge. (so bottom line is E, next is G, then B, D, F)
The notes go in the order, A B C D E F G, A
33-34 seems a little off, I don't think it's all straight 16ths.
I'm not a massive undertale fan but it sounds nice at least. It reminds me of classic ragtime song mixed with contempary electro dance. I would try and make the bars from 41 onwards a bit more eastbound to read or even add a solo of some sort but hey! This is not my score to mess around. Nice work!
That's too fast for this, if you use the tempo changer and set it to 120 it speeds it up a lot, I think its at 100.
THIS IS AMAZING i played a tiny bit while getting out flutes out to play during practice and the teacher said to teach the other flute girl how to play it!
This is magnificent!
However, on beat 3 measure 55 through beat 2 measure 57 a glissando would sound good.
later: It's a beautiful day outside bird are singing flower are blooming , one day like this kids like you
I've been playing the flute for a bit more than 3 years now and some supernatural entity is currently helping me get this song down (because theres NO way that I managed to play this on my own).
I can sorta kinda not at all play this so we're all in the same boat :'D
☟☜☹☹⚐ 💧⚐☠✏ ✋ ☟✌✞☜ ☜💧👍✌🏱☜👎 ❄☟☜ ✞⚐✋👎 ☞✋☠✌☹☹✡✏
Dangit I forgot where I put my Wingdings translator..... found it!
"Hello son! i have escaped the void finally!"

lol that took me forever to do 7 words and a single letter that counts as a word( I )
Wingdings is my favorite made up language, next in line is the language of the dragons(dovah) from SKYRIM