Book 1, Part 1 The Open Well Tempered Clavier

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Uploaded on Feb 16, 2013

edit: no more werckmeister, it's annoying

A work in progress of the digitalization of the Well Tempered Clavier. Source: Dover Bach-Gesellschaft Ausgabe Edition. Both books 1 and 2 will be notated.


p1, f1. p2

Pages 9
Duration 06:23
Measures 132
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Public domain
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In the second to last measure of the first prelude, the fourth sixteenth note should be a step lower. ...At least that's how I've been playing it ... I don't have the physical sheet music... EDIT Wait, that guy down there already said this, didn't he.
In measure 26 of the 2nd prelude, it should be A flat.
Hi. I have almost done digitisng WTC I: I am currently working on the fugue of bwv 869 and hopefully will finish in a couple of days. I am convinced that it is more convenient for you to correct and/or modify my musesocre files than to input everything from scratch. So can you indicate me how I can send you the files?
Hi, I just stumbled upon your project. First, a minor flaw: the fourth note (ignoring the first rest) in the bar 34 (the last but one) of the C Major prelude is "f", not "e" as in your file. Second, I am currently digitising WTC I and have done bwv 846-851 and 858. If you are interested, I can send you the musescore files, as I can't upload them here; I have no professional account. So please let me know if you are inclined to reuse them.
That would be a help, thank you! Also can you point the mistake out, I'm having a hard time finding it :(
Oops, the flaw is G1 -> F1, not "e" -> "f". By the way, how can I send you the musescore files? Do you have a g-mail account that can be discarded after use?