Guess The Theme (Updated 1/26)

Uploaded on Dec 14, 2017

That's all, folks!

Thanks for playing, all of the songs have now been guessed as of April 12, 2018.

All songs were transcribed by me.

Here are the list of songs and which users correctly guessed them.

1. Hyrule Castle (Indoors) - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Christian Raduns)
2. Your Contract Has Expired - A Hat In Time (StevZarr)
3. No Game No Life Opening (EPCUDO)
4. Serious Trouble - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time (Jacob Kelly123)
5. Wintergatan - Marble Machine (𝓥𝒶𝓃𝒾𝓁𝓁𝒶𝓑𝓊𝓉𝓉𝑒𝓇𝓏)
6. Donkey Kong Country - Aquatic Ambiance (DJbone169)
7. LittleBigPlanet - The Gardens (EPCUDO)
8. Guitar vs. Piano v1.2 - Goukisan (EPCUDO)
9. Rescued Crew Member - VVVVVV (Bowserdude729)
10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Eternal Duelist Soul - Duelist Group 1 (Wrecker04)
11. Professor Elm's Laboratory - Pokemon G/S/C (BBCEmarxo)
12. Paper Mario Intro Theme (Bowserdude729)
13. Animaniacs Theme (VGA)
14. IPhone "Marimba" Ringtone (VGA)
15. Goldenrod Game Corner - Pokemon G/S/C (BBCEmarxo)
16. Rocket Game Corner - Pokemon R/B/Y(Bowserdude729)
17. Cuphead - Floral Fury (MudkipMusic123)
18. Dr. Mario: Fever Theme (VGA)
19. Tecmo Bowl (NES) - Offense Theme (aebkea)
20. Theme from Dig Dug (DubiousDoggo)
21. Ocarina of Time - Goron City/Majora's Mask - Goron Shrine (GamerTeamFTW)
22. Mafia Town Is Asleep - A Hat In Time (StevZarr)
23. Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga - Title Theme (fawful760)
24. Mega Man 3 Game Over/Password theme (Bowserdude729)
25. Midna's Lament - The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (epicstar927)
26. Everybody Party - Mario Party 5 (GamerTeamFTW)
27. Title Theme - Mario Kart DS (epicstar927)
28. Yoshi's Island: Intro Music Box Theme (fawful760)
29. Ambiguous (Kill La Kill Opening 2) - GARNiDELiA (ScrotumMilk)
30. Tubba Blubba's Theme - Paper Mario (fawful760)

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#4 is obviously every time something bad happens in mario and luigi partners in time! Is #5 when that guy made a really weird marble instrument? #14 is just a phone ringtone #17 is cuphead, the flower i think #27 is mario kart ds
#2 is the Snatcher bossfight from Hat in Time.
#5 is "The Marble Machine" by Wintergatan.
#10 is the only song left! I'll be honest, I kind of expected this one not to be guessed for a while but I didn't think it would end up being the very last one, lol. Good luck and props to whoever finds it (keep in mind there are two hints in the description and one in the sheet itself for this song, and from what I've left there, it should be very easy to find for whoever wants it) but super props to you if you don't use any of the hints I've provided.
I think 10 is from Yu-Gi-Oh ! Eternal Duelist Soul for the GBA, and it's called duelist group 1.
Correct! That's the last of them. Sorry for getting back to you so late, so few people had been replying that i forgot to check it. Now the question is, did you find that through the series of hints already available or did you know it beforehand? This song was one of my favorites as a kid because I played it all the time.
Both... I have listened to the song before, but it took the hints to jog my memory.
#24 is the Mega Man 3 Game Over/Continue theme!
Correct! Relevant to your icon image too, lol.
Correct. I was originally thinking of the Ocarina of Time Goron City, but they're the same song anyway.
#26- Everybody Party - Mario Party 5
Correct! I was wondering when someone might get that, what with it being in the Mario Party Top 100 game and all.
Just updated the score again, I was having a weird bug where the music wasn't lining up with the sheet itself after number 6, it seems to be fixed now though, hopefully...
Oh shit I just found I screwed something up in between numbers 5 and 6, I accidentally deleted the repeat bar at the beginning of 6. I'll push an update of that and all the currently guessed songs now.
I made a transcription of number 5 for a duet.
can't wait for his next one.
I know right? Have you been watching his Wintergatan Wednesday videos? I love hearing about all the MMX progress.
But which one? According to my two hints and the wiki page on released games, that leaves 12 games to guess from xD.
is it from one of the tournament game
I'll narrow it down at least a little bit. It's from one of the games that was released in English, and it's one of the earlier games.
i have it down to two games they meet your requirements and are both popular

Yu-Gi-Oh! 7 Trials to Glory: World Championship Tournament 2005

Yu-Gi-Oh! Dungeon Dice Monsters
I'm really giving it away if I say much more, but it's neither of those. The music on here comes up as the very first result if you google the title of the game + "music".
Ok I've never played one of these games but I'm also trying to help other players
25 is Midnas Lament from Zelda:TP
27 is The main theme from Mario Kart DS
Those are both correct, but both have already been guessed. Sorry, I just edited this comment, I had thought you guessed the two in the third set that haven't yet been guessed.
#29 is Kill la Kill's 2nd opening "Ambiguous" by GARNiDELiA
Correct. Also I have concerns about your username, sir...
#19 is the Offense Theme from Tecmo Bowl (NES).
Correct! I wasn't sure how long it would take for someone to get that one.
Number 2 is "Your Contract has Expired" from A Hat in Time. Also Number 22 is "Mafia Town is Asleep" from the same game.
Finally, someone has claimed number 2! Yes both of those are correct. Fun fact, at one point in development, "Mafia Town is Asleep" was once named "Rainy Mafia Town" which fits a bit better into the level's theme, IMO.
also I am sad that this was not easily recognized by most, as it is the best Mario kart game (in my opinion)
It was my favorite too. First time I played Mario Kart Wii, I was confused how to drift boost because I was so used to the way you do it in MKDS, lol.
I didn't know drifting existed until mission mode on MKDS, and I didn't find out until years later that we could in MKwii as I always had used automatic not knowing better XD
Yes to both. Also, tell me you understood the sound effects right before the Mario Kart song started, right?
And is number 30 bubba blubbas fight paper mario
Is number 23 Mario and Luigi superstar saga title and number 28 yoshi island intro
I can see where you went with the contracts hint, and maybe with monkey ball jr for the gba hint, and while I have played both of those games, that's not it. Keep in mind, there's still some hints in the description, so try to use both hints in conjunction to find out what they are.