Lost Woods (Legend Of Zelda) Trombone/Euphonium Trio

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happylink111's picture

continue the note on the second to last measure but put a breath mark in the middle of the two mesures

happylink111's picture

absolutely perfect thank you.

FakeZapata's picture

Do you mind if I multitrack this?

jjcosmos's picture

THANK YOU. finally. a correct version!

Falladayne's picture

correct meaning trombone, right? xD

happylink111's picture

I know right PERFECT!!!!!!!!

The Bariphonium's picture

Awesome job on this!! :)

And thank you for saying it could be for Euphonium. That made me slightly happier!

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Uploaded May 20, 2011
Pages 1
Duration 1:00
Measures 18
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 3
Part names
  • Trombone (3)
License All rights reserved
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