Mr Sandman (The Chordettes)


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Everyone loves this song!

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DDCC's picture

thank you! I've been finding this one too long time

Ariel Puno's picture

thanks for sharing this song LewisjwSutton! Love it so much!

valeriamdcr's picture

I absolutely love this song, and I am learning how to play it!

bethyboo's picture

YAY!! I love this song!

LewisjwSutton's picture

I know, it's brilliant!

johngbart's picture

It's true, it's a nice piece but you've made some errors in the melody line. Check it carefully, please. your left hand is rather boring, nothing too drastic and worth fixing. Good luck with it.

LewisjwSutton's picture

thankyou for the advice, and yes i thought some bits sounded off, could you be specific so i know what to change? and I dont know what to do with the left hand.

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Uploaded May 4, 2013
Pages 4
Duration 2:21
Measures 64
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names
  • Piano
License All rights reserved
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