Undertale - But the Earth Refused to Die/Battle Against a True Hero/Power of -NEO-/Megalovania (DESC.!)

Uploaded on May 1, 2016

IMPORTANT! To realistic audio go to options at the upper right corner, click "audio sources" and choose the second one!

Please DO NOT listen to it if you don't want Genocide Path music spoilers.

Hi everyone! Today I bring Genocide Medley. Man, this path is terrible and heartbreaking. But, STILL, music is the best! (Of course I'm not talking about those awful slowed down versions of standard tracks) Stay determined, but in this positive way! :)

Update 2.0 - 05th August

If this score doesn't want to play, you can at least listen to my transcription on YouTube:


Single Musescore files (WARNING! They may be a little different):


Single MP3 files:


Single "Playable" MIDI files ("Playable" means that won't blow up your ears):


Specially made soundfont for this score:


To activate soundfont put it in the musescore soundfonts folder. Usually it's "Documents/ MuseScore2/Soundfonts". Then load a score, go to "View -> Synthesizer -> Load from Score". Enjoy the true sound!

Remember this soundfont is created just for this score and the single ones!

My first account: https://musescore.com/user/287621

Undertale game and soundtrack belong to Toby Fox.

undertale toby fox but the earth refused to die battle against a true hero power of -neo- megalovania

Pages 124
Duration 06:17
Measures 216
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 28
Part names Synthesizer(8), Bass, Piano(5), Percussion(4), Voice, Guitar(3), Strings(2), Viola, Trumpet, Brass Ensemble, Organ
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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