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Uploaded on Oct 3, 2016

SEP 19 EDIT [2018] : Third anniversary update ! Once again, I made some minor adjustments and additions. I'm glad to see some of you on the way to play it in a band in spite of its difficulty; stay DETERMINED and don't hesitate to record it ! I'm curious to see if it's somehow audible in reality.

SEP 15 EDIT : Holy crap, I'm still alive ! And for the second anniversary of Undertale, I finally dared to put some work on the almost-complete version of this adaptation piece I started 16 months ago.

I hope you'll enjoy this minorly-fixed, but now definitive (and still hardly playable and opened to improvements) tribute to Radiation's masterpiece; obviously, if you have anything to say or to ask about it, don't hesitate to leave a comment.

PS : I promised "Dummy !" one year ago, and there it is ! Check my profile. (and be brave : one more year until "Megalovania" !)
PPS : Wow, 4000th view the day of the 2nd anniversary of the game ! Thanks all and stay determined !

This is it, I finally dare to show you the work I started last May.
As an Undertale fan and a Concert Band player for more than 10 years, I couldn't resist to try to make an arrangement suite of the tracks made by Toby Fox's for his masterpiece as soon as I discovered MuseScore five months ago, and I hope you'll find the result, well, at least audible. xD

Unlike some Medley scores I found on the Internet, I really tried to stay closer than possible to the original tracks and to tell to the audience "if you play Undertale, THIS is what you have to expect" - nevertheless, as this must fit for a Concert Band, sometimes I had to tackle this purism. Another problem I'm facing is the length : a Concert Band piece shouldn't last more than 15 minutes, but this one reaches 17 minutes.

Most of this score as been made in two weeks, but since the middle of May I got frequently blocked by personal issues and, most of all, a lack of inspiration concerning some parts; by the way, some details still need a little work.

Please read the following annotations before writing your comment as they may contain answers to your questions (but beware the minor SPOILERS !) :

- First of all, keep in mind this is the really first score I've ever written.
- First of all 2 : I can't forget to thank every person I credited for their transcriptions and/or arrangement ideas.
- Your Best Friend : In case you still didn't know, if you dodge Flowey's "frendliness pellets", here's what happens. I added "You idiot" after this to give the audience the feeling of a dream becoming a nightmare I had when I played the game.
- "SFX" parts : Well, at least I tried. xD
- Reprise : I hope you don't hate the Snare part, it sounded empty without it. Oh, and regarding the French Horn lines : did you notice Asgore and Toriel sing together in this track...? =P
- Papyrus's Themes : No, I didn't mess up the trombone parts even though is sounds like I did (just MuseScore things).
- Waterfall : I'd love to make a rainmaker roll at the intro. Anyone knows how can I add it ?
- Quiet Water : Don't worry, a Flugherhorn sounds smoother than that (just MuseScore things again).
- Memories : My heaviest blocking. How can I make it fall to "Your Best Nightmare" as Flowey makes you fall in his Boss fight ? The use of ASGORE is just experimental, don't hesitate to tell me your ideas. Oh, and once again I'd like to put some rainmaker in it.
- Your Best Nightmare : My thoughs while writting it were simple : "Each soul is a sixth of Omega Flowey, so each soul theme will be played by a sixth of the orchestra." For the Flowey parts, I hesitate to add parts for flutes and oboes as the "explosive tutti" will be "Finale". Also, I'm thinking of adding Cymbal swells, Tam-Tam and Anvil, but I didn't find them, making the intro and the transition to the last part sound empty and awful for now. Any tip about it ?
- "Last Goodbye" : I know, for the ending I went to another Undertale timeline, but it was too tempting to put some rock in the piece. Oh, and I think it would be a great idea to let a trumpeter make a chorus between the first Vibraphone solo and the Sax one. Who agrees ?
- in general : some parts miss REAL, SMOOTH rallentandi and accelerandi, and personally even I can harldly hear the drums at some crucial points. Sorry about these inconveniences (just MuseScore things, as you assumed).

Last but not least, I'd like to add two encores to the piece : "Megalovania" and "Dummy !", but obviously I'm not writing them as long as this score isn't truly complete; plus, I have some ideas for another suite including more boss themes. Stay tuned and don't hesitate to leave a comment !

PS : Obviously, all the credits for the game's music don't belong to me, but to you-know-who. Bark.
PPS : I know I'm a little late for this, but I wish Undertale a joyful and awesome birthday.
PPPS : I'm sorry if some tricks appeared in my not-so-perfect english.

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Pages 57
Duration 16:55
Measures 523
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 33
Part names Piccolo, Flute(2), Oboe(2), Bassoon(2), Clarinet(4), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Trumpet(3), French Horn(2), Trombone(3), Tuba(2), Bass, Timpani, Percussion(6)
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License Attribution, non-commercial, share alike
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