The Hanging Valley

Uploaded on Aug 20, 2016

I felt an urge to write something that included hammered dulcimer, because it's an awesome instrument. So here it is! P.S. I am aware that the dulcimer part is likely unplayable.... P.P.S. I like dorian a lot.

Tales from Hollow: https://musescore.com/user/968026/sets/2373211

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/callum-ware-2

Orchestral Soundtrack Game Hammered Dulcimer Harp Strings

Pages 11
Duration 04:21
Measures 68
Key signature 5 sharps
Parts 16
Part names Piccolo, Flute, English Horn, Percussion(4), Harp, Timpani, Voice(2), Strings(5)
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Hi Callum! I was wondering if you would like to submit this piece to a project I'm working on? https://musescore.com/groups/musescore-composers/discuss/4991799 (There are other discussions in various groups)
do you use EastWest symphonic orchestra?
Can't say I've used that before. For this piece, I used GeneralUser GS soundfont (http://www.schristiancollins.com/generaluser.php).
Callum , I think your songs are wonderful. This one made me remember of fairy tales and childhood. I like the harp part.
Wow great job! I think this is your best piece ;-)
All his compositions are his best piece...
If you separate the bass and treble part, the Dulcimer part would be playable, as long as the part does not exceed the range of the instrument.
What do you mean by separate the bass and treble? Maybe don't have both hands playing so much at the same time?
Make the bass part played by one player and the treble played by another.
I also love the dorian scale, I seem to use it every time now when I make improvisations in my piano xD Well, in fact I like to use modal scales in general. I also love the mixolydian scale. I think I am greatly influenced by Debussy. He's one of my favourite composers ^^ Anyway, I absolutely love this piece. So calming... and I love how the dulcimer sounds! Great work ;))
Thank you! Mixolydian is very cool. Lydian is also one of my favorites. It can either sound incredibly melancholy, or bright and energetic depending on how it's used. Also, I agree--Debussy is great! Thanks for listening.
Wow. P.S. what do you mean by "Dorian Mode?"
Dorian is a type of minor scale that I used in this piece. It uses a raised 6th, in this case E#. In a natural minor scale, the E# in m. 27 would be E natural. If that makes sense.
I know what Dorian is, I was wondering if there was actually a mode for it in MuseScore.
Well, very simply put, "mode" just means a type of scale. It's more complicated than that, but no, I'm not referring to something in musescore. Major and natural minor are both modes, for example.
Your music just puts me into another world! If you were to produce an album with all this on it needless to say I would be the first person to buy a copy and listen to it as I fall asleep! Just breath taking Callum!
Awesome, as usual! Dorian mode is ok, but I'm more of a Phrygian mode guy! :) Maybe you could do one in Phrygian for a future hollow's piece; I'd like that.
Phrygian is cool too! I'll be sure to do that :) thanks!
I can't wait! Make sure use vii° - iii somewhere in there, not to be picky ;)
This is very beautiful! I think you balanced out the "happy" side and the "sad" sides very well. The choice of instruments gives it a sense of vastness, like you really are looking out over a valley. My only other thought is that the hammered dulcimer was a bit loud in the beginning, but it evened itself out. Keep it up!
wait, is the Hammer Dulcimer's sound the Koto? Very Cool! :D (P.S My parents used to play duets on the Hammer Dulcimer, so we have one :D and yes it is Awesome) :D
I'm not sure. Are you hearing the musescore audio (which is awful) or the HQ audio? The hammered dulcimer doesn't sound quite right in either, but I'm hoping it's not using musescore audio as the default :Park And that's awesome! My dad plays it all the time, so I pretty much grew up hearing it :D
I was listening to the Youtube Source. Your dad plays to! cool! :D
@ Robin M. Butler - We actually have 2. ;)
Love it! I love the melody in the harp, the dulcimer and the part at measure 31. The ending is great as well! A wonderful composition! Keep up the good work :)
Another awesome work! Great job! Love the counterpoint and the chord progression.