Adagio (in G minor) - For Solo Piano

Uploaded on May 27, 2015

My solo piano arrangement of Remo Giazotto and Tomaso Albinoni's beautiful Adagio (in G minor). I carefully chose how to arrange this piece to provide the best possible sound capable of the piano's especial musical characteristics.

I hope you enjoy it.

In the score, there a few Italian phrases that deviate from the regular music lingo:
-Tema basso sempre portato -- the bass theme (that is, the octave theme that goes up and down) should always be played with a portato articulation.
-Con pedal per effetto armonico -- use pedal for harmonic effect (this implies the use of partial-pedaling).
-Svanire il basso -- fade out the bass (carefully do this with the sustain pedal).
-Basso molto delicato -- at this point the bass theme should be played very lightly and delicately.

sad emotional baroque adagio albinoni giazotto piano

Pages 5
Duration 8:29
Measures 142
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Thanx for this. Very moody piece. I play it every time it rains...

What does that pedal marking mean. I know this piece needs a lot of pedaling to get the wood wind effect in piano.....

It's a lovely transcription and arrangement. In bars 60 - 65, did you try out whether to break the ties and to play the chords in the left hand (piano/pianissimo) to try to obtain a sustained bass sound, e.g. in bars 62 and 64? (Similarly in the passage commencing in bar 69.)

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Thank you!
Originally I had the chords repeated, but I found that I enjoy the sustained sound more--as it reaches the end of the run, it can be heard very lightly humming. This adds a sense of suspense, whereas if the chord is repeated it becomes too prominent and I feel this makes it lose depth.