Fire and Ice Polka

Uploaded on Jun 30, 2016

This is a polka--to be more precise, a polka-schnell--composed in the style of the Strauss family's polka-schnells.

...And I composed the first part of the polka proper months, if not years, before I composed the rest of the piece.

Harmony-wise, my least favourite bars are Bars 9-11 (and the equivalent Bars 75-77). To me, something doesn't quite ring right with the harmony there, but I couldn't come up with any better chord sequences at the time.

Some days, it's unnerving how much the first few bars of this piece's trio (Bars 32-34) and Out of Strife (Comes Hope)'s trio (Bars 51-54) sound alike. (Out of Strife (Comes Hope) is in https://musescore.com/user/9996931/scores/2306021 for reference.) It's at the point where I hum the trios in each others' keys.

I do like this piece's trio when, in Bars 61-63, it starts to quote the trio's first theme, but then rapidly turns away.

This probably doesn't have all the slurs, articulation, and dynamics it could - if you have any ideas for these, comment away!

...And yeah, the formatting for this piece is sub-par. The crescendo and diminuendo hairpins collide with notes, the first and second ending brackets in Bars 29-30 cut into the bars above, the ties in Bars 50-56 cross over too many other notes...

(Structure: Intro-A1-A1-A2-A2-Interlude-B1-B1-B2-B2-Intro-A1-A2)

polka polka-schnell Straussian piano

Pages 2
Duration 01:37
Measures 94
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License Attribution
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weeeeee it's very fast... and on top on that with many accidentals? dear god i'd watch someone play this forever
What would be awesome is if I could play this! Then I'd finally be recognized as a prodigy!! :D jk lol
Wow! This is a great piece! Well done! I wanted to remind you that my group, The Solo Instrument Championships, has begun its first round. Find more information about Round 1 here: https://musescore.com/groups/soloinstrumentchampionships/discuss/2653921