Bell Carol

Uploaded on Aug 7, 2016

No, this isn't Carol of the Bells. They both share a fast triple meter, though, and Carol of the Bells is often in G minor (this piece's key).

This is one of my earliest pieces--I believe I composed this in junior high school (Grades 7-9 for you non-Canadians). Even back then, I must have liked very fast pieces.

This is in ternary form--the central section is significantly slower than the outer sections and is filled with 3-bar phrases. All ritardandos and accelerandos must be taken, but you do not have to strictly follow this version's tempo change rates.

Despite being "con pedale" throughout, I have not put in any damper pedal in this piece's playback (not even invisible damper pedals). Put in whatever feels right.

(Structure: A-B-A'-Coda)

piano ringing very fast winter

Pages 5
Duration 02:35
Measures 318
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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License Attribution
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