Sonatina in C Major ("Pastorale")

Uploaded on Aug 11, 2016

This is one of my earliest pieces--I believe I composed this in Grade 6 or 7. At any rate, I had learned what the structure of a sonata-allegro was like before I composed this miniature sonata-allegro.

At the time, I had revised the recapitulation's second theme group so it is extended (compared to the exposition's second theme group) and some of it is an octave higher.

I'm finding that my earlier pieces are generally easier to play (I'm almost always composing at the computer keyboard instead of the piano keyboard nowadays, which is why some of my latest pieces are very hard to play) but significantly harder to get the playback right. In every "piu piano" place here, I have to put negative offsets on all the notes just to make them sound appropriately quieter.

As a "pastorale", this is significantly more soothing to listen to than my other pieces. There isn't even much contrast in the development--it's merely a little bolder and uses the rhythmic motives and stepwise motion of the exposition's theme groups.

By the way, I hate how percussive the default piano soundfont makes this piece. It sounds a lot more legato on a real piano.

sonatina sonata-allegro pastoral idyllic

Pages 3
Duration 02:11
Measures 179
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Good job for one of your earliest pieces. You might just rethink the tempo mark. It says that a quarter note is equal to 330, you could also say that a dotted half note is equal to 110. Better for readability.