Piano Sonata in E Minor, "Scherzando" - Movement 3

Uploaded on Aug 13, 2016

This is the third movement of one of my incomplete piano sonatas. The entire piano sonata is "Scherzando"--all movements are either in triple meter or compound duple meter, and all of them should sound scherzo-like.

...And, yeah, this is the only genuine scherzo and trio in the entire sonata.

I finished this movement in July 2012. Stuff like this is why I do not upload individual piece WIPs--you'd be waiting years for their complete versions (if I ever finish them).

This movement's scherzo proper is good-natured and affable, in contrast with its shouting trio.

Around the time I started composing this piece's scherzo proper (the A sections), I'd learned about mediant-key relationships, so I put one such relationship in the A2 section (G major vs. E flat major). The first and third movements were composed around the time I started learning about Advanced Harmony in RCM's Grade 5 Harmony (back when it was called Grade 5 Harmony), which is why they start incorporating unusual chords and modulations I learned then.

There isn't as much going on in here as in the first movement. I generally prefer listening to the first movement, though your tastes may vary...

(Structure: A1-A1-A2-A1'-A2-A1'-B1-B1-B2-B1-B2-B1-Codetta-A1-A2-A1'-Coda)

piano sonata scherzo and trio scherzo good-natured affable

Pages 3
Duration 03:30
Measures 90
Key signature 1 sharp
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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It's very much like a study for the RH.