Tarantella No. 1 in C Minor

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Uploaded on Oct 10, 2016

This tarantella was born when I was improvising tarantella tunes in the shower and Bars 41-48 came out. I knew this could not be the beginning of the tarantella, so I had to compose the rest, and I was surprised how well all the other sections turned out.

This is in sonata-rondo form: a traditional classical form that fuses together aspects of sonata-allegro form and rondo form. It traditionally puts the A section in the home key, the B section's first appearance in the key a sonata-allegro's exposition would travel to, and the B section's second appearance in the key a sonata-allegro's recapitulation would travel to (the tonic major in this minor-key piece's case, though it would be the home key in a major-key piece's case). Like rondo form, it also repeats the A section an awful lot.

All repeats are written out. Yes, you get to repeat music that many times.

Quadruplets don't have to be played precisely--think of them as embellished turns. Speed and a good snap are of the essence in those parts.

The B section (especially the second appearance's Bars 309-327) reminds me of Yanni's "Standing In Motion".

Don't worry if you can't play this at full speed--this piece also sounds nice at dotted quarter note = 168 bpm.

This probably doesn't have all the slurs, articulation, and dynamics it could - if you have any ideas for these, comment away!

(Structure: A-B-A-C-A-B'-A-Coda)
(Structure of A section: Intro-A1-A1'-A2-A2'-Codetta)

tarantella piano sonata-rondo sonata rondo

Pages 16
Duration 04:55
Measures 442
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Sounds nice. But I think it is too faaasstt.
I will try to play it.
Also I would take out the quadruplets and play them as 8th-16th-16th-8th to mantain meter and rithm.
It sounds almost like a boss theme with the way it alternates between parts that feel strong and other parts that sound light, almost as if it would be in an Earthbound game. I love it!
This song makes me think of a retro game fight theme. It has a adventurous feel to it.
Has some really nice melodies and I love that ending, although it's kind of repetitive. This might just be a personal preference thing but yeah. Good job! :D