March of the Empire

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Uploaded on Oct 25, 2016

This is likely the least march-like of all the marches I have composed so far. It's probably a march the same way John Williams's "The Imperial March" is a march--the opening bars sound like an imperious procession, but the succeeding bars don't sound particularly like a march.

Speaking of the Imperial March, this isn't the most creative march, either. The name is inspired by the Imperial March. The structure is just like Elgar's 3rd Pomp and Circumstance march. This piece's plot slightly resembles Star Wars.

Like Elgar's 3rd Pomp and Circumstance march, this piece starts with a quiet theme in the home minor key, gets louder and louder, shifts to a happier major-key trio, shifts back to the home-key march proper and repeats it, then replays the trio in the tonic major, and finally reverts to the home key in loud protest.

Like Star Wars, this piece involves an evil empire and a rebel force that vies against it. The evil empire gets the A sections (and the coda), while the rebel force gets the B sections. The evil empire establishes itself first, then the rebels strike, then the empire defends itself, then the rebels strike so hard they seem to grasp victory, and finally, the empire exerts even more force and is victorious, crushing the rebels.

The musical directions tend to take the point of view of the rebels. The rebels are none too happy about the empire's oppressive assertion of power in the A sections. The B section (especially Bars 30-41) should be played optimistically, as if the rebels are hoping their hardest that they can win. The B' section (especially Bars 87-98) should be played victoriously, as if the rebels are about to win. The coda (starting Bar 107) should be played as if the tables have turned and the empire is securing victory instead.

Play tips-wise, Bars 52-53 are surprisingly easy to play--simply hold right-hand notes for as long as possible until the left hand needs to play them. However, beware--the B' section is not purely a transposed version of the B section, and you need to be on the lookout for its changed and added harmonies.

Like a lot of my other pieces, this started from improvised hummed tunes, and as I fleshed them out on the piano, I found that it started sounding powerful but still relatively easy to play. This should be within reach of intermediate to early advanced pianists--you don't need to be a virtuoso to play this piece. You might need some extra chops if you want to fully express this piece's soaring and crushing moments, though...

(Structure: A-B-A-B'-Coda)

march piano empire evil empire rebels

Pages 9
Duration 04:05
Measures 126
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Very cool, I could imagine this being the theme for a silent movie, or maybe a WWI game in the style of Medal of Honor or something. I like the section starting at measure 21, and the bit towards the end with the key change. A nice contrast to the final crush of the boot at the end.
Thank you for the thorough explanation of the work, as it aided my appreciation of it markedly. Super creative!
I love this song a how you you changed the mood of the song at 24. Honestly, 4 minutes of that march would be boring so good job on that. Measures 77-78 remind me of a part of a song in Deemo/Cytus. Might be from Cytus' Knight. Anyways, outstanding job!
Bravissimo ! Your piece is perfect. I really like the spirit of Star Wars. Keep the great work up ! -Hugo