Going Distances Polka

Uploaded on Apr 26, 2017

This is a polka--to be more precise, a polka-schnell--composed in the style of the Strauss family's polka-schnells.

...although, with all those 16th-note runs, it sounds more like a circus screamer at times.

Feel free to use more crescendos and decrescendos than notated, as long as you hit the right dynamic markings (e.g. forte) at the right measures.

I had to make the distance between staves extra wide in order to make the score not look squished, especially when I notate trills for the topmost note in the left hand.

This piece was conceived when I started improvising a hummed polka, and Bars 38-53 stuck. I knew that excerpt had to be half of the trio of a new polka, so I came up with the rest from there.

If you can't pull off the tenth in the left hand of Bar 41 (I can't without using an arpeggio), make the right hand play the middle C flat instead.

Whenever I sing Bars 50-52, I use a smooth glissando instead of those individual 16th-and-faster notes. In fact, I sung and remembered the entire melody of this piece before recording it into Musescore.

(Structure: Intro-A1-A1-A2-A2-Interlude-B1-B1-B2-B2-Intro-A1-A2)

polka polka-schnell Straussian piano

Pages 3
Duration 01:44
Measures 70
Key signature 5 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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This score is on the very edge of being impossible. Great work!
At that pace, "going the distance" would be exhausting (but exhilarating).
Awesome! Very fluid modulation and really nice set of themes
Remarkable! Very energetic! Are you really able to do a left hand tremolo while playing chords? ;)
I can play a trill with my left thumb and pointer finger while playing at least 2 other notes with (other fingers of) the left hand at the same time...but not very fast!