10 Minutes' Worth of Stressful Racetrack (10 Minute Challenge)

Uploaded on Apr 29, 2017

How do you all compose and arrange so fast? I can only come up with THIS in 10 minutes. One instrument, just a melody line...I did restrict myself to that since that's the way I know will let me write the longest tune in the shortest amount of time.

The first 17 bars came from one of my hummed improvisations--give me 10 minutes to improvise a sung melody on the spot, and I will occupy the entire 10 minutes with not-so-repetitive music. The other bars stick to the same rhythmic pattern--in the interests of composing quickly, I decided to copy and paste the same bar over and over again, then change the notes so the passage would sound OK. (Don't worry; I only started improvising right at the start of the 10 minutes provided.)

I decided to improvise in the style of a racetrack theme of a F-Zero-like racing game, complete with repeat. (F-Zero tends to have rock music for its racetrack themes, unlike Mario Kart's tendency towards other styles.)

This has no (OST-only) proper ending because I didn't have enough time to write one in.

I apologize if I accidentally quoted a tune I did not compose. (Hot diggity, do the first 2 bars sound familiar to me.) If you recognize another song in this, tell me its name in the comments!

saw wave very fast racetrack racing game video game music loop #10minutechallenge 10 minute challenge 10-minute challenge racetrack theme

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Wow. I wouldn't be able to get this much done in 10 minutes (and especially make it sound this good!)
Congrats on 3rd place!
This is a really good melody! Nice work :D
I think I had the same problem as you- both of us tried writing faster pieces, which would require more notes and more input that took up a lot of time (at least in my case); awesome job with this though, it sounds really promising! :D
Exactly, that's why I purposely made mine so slow xD