On This Side of Death's Shores (10 Minute Challenge)

Uploaded on May 18, 2017

I've been kicking around this idea for a piece for a long while. It'll be called "On the Other Side of Death's Shores", it'll be for piano only, it'll be in F sharp minor, it'll be slow, and it'll end on an unresolved chord.

This is not the time for that piece. This is the time for "On This Side of Death's Shores" instead. I haven't really figured out how to compose that slow piece yet. "On This Side of Death's Shores" is much like "On the Other Side of Death's Shores", except it's significantly shorter and its kinks won't be ironed out. But maybe it'll prod me to finally compose "On the Other Side of Death's Shores" some day...

The fourth round of the "10-Minute Challenge", https://musescore.com/groups/10minutechallenge/discuss/3915666, had me compose a piece with a soundfont, so I figured I'd compose a piece that sounds great in a mellower piano soundfont but terrible with the default piano soundfont for it. (Not all my piano pieces are like this--some of them sound terrible with a mellow piano soundfont but great with the default, brilliant piano soundfont.)

Here's hoping the Kawai Upright Piano soundfont transferred well! I apologize for the shoddy syncing--guess that's the sound of me not making any more default-audio YouTube videos.

(There's an unfathomable sea between this life and the afterlife.
On the other side, it's not so bad.
But you grow to miss those on the side of life...
...And they grow to miss those who have already crossed...)

#10minutechallenge 10-minute challenge 10 minute challenge piano sad quiet

Pages 1
Duration 01:05
Measures 18
Key signature 3 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Can I remix this for the competition?
Sure! It's in the Community Remix Competitions group, after all.
Nice soundfont to go with this piece. :D I like the fact it doesn't resolve to the tonic.
What do you mean by "very Moonlight Sonata"?
Sorry, it doesn't come to my mind. Moonlight Sonata doesn't come to my mind as soon as I hear those first chords.