Spin the Cat (Œnanthic & Shovel Knight Remix)

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2017

Everyone in Community Remix Competitions' Competition #3(.2) (https://musescore.com/groups/remixcomp/discuss/4406036) had to rearrange Œnanthic's "The Feline Duplication Incident." (https://musescore.com/c9h18o2/scores/4286076)

So I made this. I found that Bar 11 of "The Feline Duplication Incident" sounded a lot like "Spin Ye Bottle" from Shovel Knight, so I mashed both songs up together and made this.

In order to finish the remix fast enough, I restricted myself to writing old-school 8-bit music. If you have FamiTracker, that means I used 2 square waves, a triangle wave (I had to sub in a sine wave in this piece because Musescore doesn't have triangle waves), and a noise channel (I subbed in the Electronic drum kit in the Mixer because it got the closest to Famicom/NES noise channel sounds). It would have been too much work for me to pig out like Jake Kaufman did for Shovel Knight's soundtrack and put in 3 more channels' worth of Konami VRC6.

Additionally, in order to make this sound like a Famicom/NES could play it, I had to make sure each channel produced only one note at a time, including the noise channel. Also, because the Famicom/NES triangle wave cannot change volume, I had the triangle wave in my piece perpetually stuck in mezzo forte with no accents. To respect FamiTracker notation, the triangle wave's clefs have 8vb signs on them.

I haven't transcribed this into FamiTracker yet, so I don't know whether any of the notes are out of range, any of the glissandos need to be approximated, or any of the drum sounds I used cannot be adequately reproduced in FamiTracker.

Here's a fuller breakdown of how both "The Feline Duplication Incident" and "Spin Ye Bottle" got used in this remix:
Bars 1-10 are the introduction, which is based on "Spin Ye Bottle"'s introduction.
Bars 11-28 consist of the first march strain (i.e. not the intro) of "The Feline Duplication Incident". I changed the accompaniment to something more "Spin Ye Bottle"-like. Heck, I also quote the respective part of "Spin Ye Bottle" in the triangle wave part of Bars 13-14.
Bars 29-44 are an interlude based on chopped-up sections of "Spin Ye Bottle". Note how Bar 28 leads naturally to the F major-B flat minor part of "Spin Ye Bottle" (and leads to F major harmonies in "The Feline Duplication Incident").
Bars 45-60 consist of another version of the first march strain of "The Feline Duplication Incident", this time with a different accompaniment and no repeat.
Bars 60-81 are the coda. Bars 61-65 are made of original material. Bars 66-77 are a square wave solo that derails into whole-tone scale material and nigh-quotes "Spin Ye Bottle" in Bars 71-73. Bars 78-81 end the piece on an energetic note with mainly original material. Bar 80 does quote a bit of "The Feline Duplication Incident", though.

Every time I look at this piece later, I keep imagining Mona challenging Specter Knight to a game of "Spin Ye Cat" after their post-story game of "Spin Ye Bottle", probably as revenge for Specter Knight (justifiably) badmouthing Plague Knight. Specter Knight has a reputation for being cruel, but he's got limits...

As this arranges non-Creative Commons copyrighted material, "all rights reserved".

Œnanthic Oenanthic Shovel Knight Spin Ye Bottle Remix Rearrangement 8-bit 8 bit Feline Duplication Incident

Pages 12
Duration 01:16
Measures 81
Key signature 2 flats
Parts 4
Part names Synthesizer(2), Other Woodwinds, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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