Waltz No. 1 in B Minor

Uploaded on Jun 10, 2018

Accompaniment parts don't come easily out of me, so when I heard from multiple sources that waltz left hands write themselves (or so I've been told), I decided to write a waltz for solo piano.

I'm surprised how easily the first several bars came to me at work a few days ago. I'm also surprised how quickly I wrote the rest of the music.

I'm still a bit disappointed at how difficult it is to write waltz left hands, though. It's easier than for most other types of pieces, but I'm still listening to and tweaking specific bars' accompaniment parts too often.

I picked B minor because I've noticed that I've never published a composition in that key before, while I've published compositions in all the other minor keys on Musescore.

Melody-wise, I think this is a blend of Chopin, Mendelssohn, and the Strauss family. Structure-wise, this is mostly Strauss family-influenced--they tend to construct their waltzes out of several repeated sections, put on introductions, and repeat the first section near the end of the piece--but there's a trace of ragtime influence when I repeat the A section after inserting only one other section in between.

There are two musical directions in this piece that you might not be familiar with--"ardito" in Bar 22 means "ardent/bold" in Italian, while "sfacciato" in Bar 30 means "cheeky" in Italian.

Make sure to play all the tenuto notes in Bars 72-85 with a bell-like tone.

(Structure: Intro-A-A-B-B-A-C-C-D-D-E-E-Interlude-A-Coda)

waltz piano melancholy

Pages 5
Duration 04:40
Measures 148
Key signature 2 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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Can I learn this and upload it? (On a video-sharing that is)
Sure, you can! When you're done, I'd love to see the video.
Nice! Waltzes are always difficult for the left hand. All that jumping between root and chord. It always just sounds so good when you finally get comfortable with it. The layout of this one kind of reminds me of Merry-go-round of life from Howl's Moving Castle. You could do with a little more dynamic range (the lack of forte in there made the song start to get old near the end). Other than that, great work!
Nice. Definitely very Chopanesque A theme--very reminiscent of his waltzes. I will say the left hand is quite repetitive and it would be nice to see some variation there. While its true for shorter simpler waltzes you can get away with this same left hand structure throughout, for a piece of this length I would suggest a little more variety; you'll notice Chopin and Liszt do this in their waltzes.