The Wayfarer and the Setting Star

Uploaded on Jun 23, 2018

Here's another months-old arrangement of video game music, this time made for another NinSheetMusic arrangement contest in http://forum.ninsheetmusic.org/index.php?topic=9781.0 - and this time, I waited for the winners to be announced before publishing this because I didn't want to skew the judges. Yeah, that'll be my reason for releasing all subsequent NinSheetMusic arrangement contest entries months late.

I've always thought that the next most appropriate boss to get a "My Friend and the Setting Sun..." (the Revenge of Meta Knight ending theme)-like theme would be Magolor. Like the previous boss to get such a theme, King Dedede, Magolor's let his ambition take over him, had a nasty run-in with Kirby, fought against him as a final boss, managed to survive the encounter, and doesn't feel like fighting Kirby quite as hard anymore. And now he's all over Kirby merchandising.

So upon hearing that the contest topic was to change up the meter of a video game theme, I decided to finally write a full version of "Magolor the Wayfarer" (the Kirby's Return to Dream Land menu theme--a lot of Magolor-related songs quote it, so it may as well be his theme) in the style of "My Friend and the Setting Sun...". I've hummed versions of this in the shower a bunch of times before the contest was announced, so I knew how this arrangement would be mapped out. And yes, I like throwing in quotes of the themes of the characters who'd recently beat Magolor. (Bandana Waddle Dee gets "My Friend and the Setting Sun...".)

Labels for which parts of this piece are from what song should be intuitive. Quite a lot of Bars 17-54 are (not very) original material in the style of "My Friend and the Setting Sun...", though. I do like pushing every instrument but the drum kit in the spotlight, so take note of that.

Truth is, I owe a debt to VGMisbadforyou's transcription of part of "My Friend and the Setting Sun..." in http://vgmisbadforyou.blogspot.ca/2013/03/kirby-super-star-introduction-rhythm.html - that transcription helped me arrange this entry and nail the style of the accompaniment instruments. I even quote all the instruments of that transcription (with maybe a few alterations, one of which was for playability reasons) in Bars 31-32!

A special note for the organ is that default-placed dynamics are for both staves, dynamics below the lower staff are for the lower staff only, and dynamics placed abnormally close to the upper staff are for the upper staff only.

As this is mostly made of arrangements of non-Creative Commons copyrighted material, "all rights reserved".

remix Magolor the Wayfarer My Friend and the Setting Sun Friends and Sun Sundown and Friends Revenge of Meta Knight Ending Revenge of Meta Knight Credits Meta Knight Defeated Kirby's Return to Dream Land Kirby Super Star menu theme Magolor

Pages 18
Duration 04:03
Measures 60
Key signature natural
Parts 5
Part names Trumpet, Bass(2), Organ, Percussion
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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