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Uploaded on Aug 9, 2018

"There once was a hippo who wanted to fly - "
- Shel Silverstein

That's the starting line of "Hippo's Hope", a poem by Shel Silverstein.

Several years ago, I created a tune that could be sung to this poem (one note per syllable in general, except for the 8th syllable of every second line, which gets assigned two notes). Each of its stanzas can be sung to the melody of Bars 1-8 (and the pickup).

This poem has 3 endings, and each variation on the theme reflects a separate ending (the first variation is for the happy ending, the second variation for the unhappy ending, and the last variation for the chicken ending).

Actually, I had most of this piece lying around for years. The chicken ending was the hardest one to write music for, while the unhappy ending was no slouch, either (but its music got done sooner).

Whenever you see collided notes, strike them again.

This probably doesn't have all the slurs, articulation, and dynamics it could - if you have any ideas for these, comment away!

Hippo's Hope Shel Silverstein Silverstein song setting piano theme and variations theme & variations happy unhappy chicken hippopotamus hippo

Pages 4
Duration 01:49
Measures 107
Key signature 1 flat
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Part names Piano
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