Summer Field (Special Level Theme)

Uploaded on Aug 18, 2018

This is the piano version of a theme of a summery field level for a hypothetical video game that does not yet exist. The level itself is quite peaceful, and it possibly always comes with a sunset, but this doesn't sound like a first overworld theme to me. It sounds like a theme of a later level.

As seen in the subtitle, I want to rearrange this for different instruments someday. I keep hearing a harmonica play the lower melody in Bars 38-70 one octave lower than written, and I keep hearing twinkling bell-like instruments play the upper embellishments in those bars. There might also be a piano in that version, though.

In-game, the music is supposed to loop endlessly. The ending (starting at Bar 73, after the repeat) will only be in OSTs.

I've listened to quite a lot of Mario Kart 64 transcriptions lately, especially the Jonny Music ones for organ, and one thing I noticed with those themes is that they love using ostinatos. (Despite playing that game extensively in my childhood, I somehow didn't notice that ostinato use before.) These themes do change up those ostinatos reasonably often, so I thought I'd use left-hand ostinatos in a similar fashion here. I also figured I'd better brush up on my harmony-first composing skills with this piece. (I'm normally a melody-first composer.) The varied return in the second half of the loop is a feature I've picked up from several video game themes, including Mario Kart 64's own Rainbow Road theme.

I managed to come up with this entire piece yesterday evening, which has got to be a new record for me for a non-X-Minute Challenge piece. The first thing I came up with was the ostinato, and I actually had it in F major at first. (F sharp major is so much more summery, though, IMO.)

I might try sneaking this into a game I make someday, but if you like this theme enough, you can stick it in your game and possibly rearrange it! Just tell me which game!

video game music loop summer field ostinato level theme stage theme special level theme summery later level

Pages 5
Duration 03:40
Measures 88
Key signature 6 sharps
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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It almost sounds familiar.
It's this close to being a 12-bar blues piece; that may be why it sounds familiar.
Use a glockenspiel for that bell part - that's probably the closest you can get to a higher, tinkling, bell-like part. Or you could try handbells or vibraphone, but the handbell MuseScore soundfont is horrible and vibraphone isn't gonna have as high of a range. Anyway, I love this! It's got some really bouncy rhythms and harmonies, and the jazzy quality to it all is really fun. :)
I really like this! It does sound like it would be in a video game! It would be really cool if this had more instruments, but it sounds really good how it is! Good job! :D