Etude in C Minor ("Wilde Jagd")

Uploaded on Sep 4, 2018

This etude helps you practice your triplets. The central, smooth section is a fine contrast and helps you practice your lyricism and damper pedal usage.

The fast, minor-key triplets of this piece and the initial hunting call remind me of the folkloric Wild Hunt--thus the name. ("Wilde Jagd" translates to "Wild Hunt" in German.)

I started composing this on Finale Notepad...2006, I think. Wow, the triplet-filled theme is old! I didn't have the greatest idea of how to complete the central section until last week, when I found I still remembered a version of the entire melody of this piece after all this time. I figured that having monophonic lines for both hands of the central section was fine.

This piece is actually easier than you'd think. Even the left-hand leap between Bars 21-22 is quite manageable.

This probably doesn't have all the slurs and articulation it could - if you have any ideas for these, comment away!

piano etude study wild hunt triplets

Pages 4
Duration 02:20
Measures 79
Key signature 3 flats
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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At first I thought this was Liszt's Wild Jagd. Then, I found out it's your original work! This piece is really great! Really describes a Hunt!