The Winds of Change (Original) ~ 200 Follower Special

Uploaded on Apr 16, 2017

Thank you guys for for the support so far. It's incredible that over 200 people enjoy my music so much that they have decided to become followers. You are truly incredible. Thank you very much! :)
This is a piece inspired by the Chinese proverb;
"When the winds of change
blow, some people
build walls and
others build windmills."

The piece is a bit fast and probably not completely playable, however I sincerely hope you enjoy it!
So, what do you do when the winds of change come?
do you build walls, or do you build windmills?

wind winds change piano quick fast mood emotion original piece thanks :) windmills walls philosphy thought think allegro classic me Let the winds of change come!!

Pages 9
Duration 03:18
Measures 124
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names Piano
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Personally, this one is my favorite songs by you. I find it so inspiring! Keep up the good work!
this is a cool piece I feel as though I'm actually being swept away by a huge gust of wind. this is impressive. good job dude! Ol^_^lO
I love this piece even though my personal favorite is the sea of sand p.s. you just earned your self another follower
This is one of my favorites of all your pieces. Very nice. Also, congrats on 200 followers!! Keep up the awesome music!
I really want to play this piece but my eb3 key on my piano has broken (the damper has fallen off) but I don't think that its unplayable in any way, only some chords may be a bit large but you can cut off notes while playing
So sorry to hear that your key is broken. Hope you still can manage to play the piece :), and of course don't be afraid to cut off some notes, because some chords, especially from 64-79 are quite large.
I really like this piece. Sad to say, but most times, I build a wall. I feel like Sheldon, lol. Anyway, this is a really great piece. I love the triplets!!!!
Thanks!! There's no shame i building walls though. Walls get built for protection. It's good to be and feel safe.
I LOVE <3 the dotted eighth notes in the left hand
Thanks, I thought they move the piece along quite nicely, although it might be a bit repetitive.
Haha, thanks for following, that's very kind of you ;)
Thank you very much, Captain Barbossa!! :)
Wow, this is awesome! You just got another follower.
Thanks a lot, you're awesome! I'm glad you liked the music :)
This reminds me of Megalovania from Undertale! Also, this is amazing!
I was thinking exactly that! It's the bass notes in the first part that are the same.
Wow, thank you very much! I love Megalovania, so I'll take the comparison as a compliment :)