Toccata et Fuga


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I tried to download it to version 2.0.3, but it wouldn't work. New version please?

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This was the first ever piece on Musescore!

jojopeterjohn's picture

AHHHG!! So fast!

Wensente G's picture

Some bits may need to be sustained by the damper pedal. But excellent!!

Wensente G's picture

Since this is the first version of musecore, it sounds like piano but it is actually organ:P Anyway, yes, the on the first notes of bar 2 seemed haved gone up in a bit of a squuuuuuish. In bar 2, both the fermata and the mordent needs to be dowwwwwwn. BUT, also in b2, the d in the lower part of the organ the low d is supposed to be 8VB. (One octave lowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.) Ooh, and it needs to be tied to another d in b3. I've also spotted that in the 1st&2nd parts of the organ needs to have an appegio not to just the 1st part, all the way down down to the C# in part 2. But nothing else is TOO squished other than that: so not perfect but Toccatalous! Ha!

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werner ≈ warner
warner + the → the warner
werner → the warner

He has come to warn us all. O_0

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2016: Year of the Intelligent Organs

TheGreenChameleon's picture

-----/ ◕ \----
----/_____\-- illuminati confirmed

TheGreenChameleon's picture

it even has a ton of freakin views

Eaglelefty's picture

Well yeah. What did ya think?

TheGreenChameleon's picture

Werner is the Grand-Creator of musescore
This is musescore -1.5
O_o 1 + 2 + 0 = 3
the triangle has 3 corners
illuminati is a triangle

TheGreenChameleon's picture

I forgot something

Mini Kousei's picture

Huh, so the first piece on musescore WASNT reunion

Eaglelefty's picture

Is werner Musescore's secret composer or something?

Eaglelefty's picture

Look at his profile and you'll see the clues.


No favs

And more...

Eaglelefty's picture

So this is how Musescore started...

Wensente G's picture

Oh my goshies, whatchya talkin' 'bou'?!!?

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NotAVoltorb's picture

I played this last year as a Sophomore in Highschool. It was quite challenging

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I'm commenting on this piece just so I can say that I've commented on the first piece ever posted on MuseScore. Bye.

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Not to be rude or anything but everyone knows that this is Bach, right? It said it at the beginning.

Napstabot EX -Yuki-'s picture

Amazing song! Nice work :)

Kdanny772's picture

The Beginning was quite good! and everything else.

mad man with a box's picture

the beginning is the classic "creepy person at organ" music.

vp's picture

When i download it and play it in musescore version 2 , it makes some wierd reverb bass sound... I am using windows 8.1 .... is there something wrong. Have any played it in version 2?

mad man with a box's picture

I did, and i actually think it sounds cool.

doctorjtully84's picture

Wow First song in musescore all the way to 2015!

logic.exe has stopped working's picture

Beautiful… Must have taken a while.

sanicplatyz012's picture

Why so much A#'s when you have a Bb in key signature?

S.W.'s picture

If i am not wrong, thats a C#

Napstabot EX -Yuki-'s picture

That because in order to have A#'s without having the # next to the note, you also need to have F, C, G, D to be sharp as well, and to add all those naturals for F, C, G, and D, and also have to mark every B flat, would take more work than just marking A sharp.

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Indeed, there are many other arrangements such as ;Bach Toccata and Fuga in D Minor ;Tocatta and fugue

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Wow this was the first song ever to be posted on Musescore!

Emerald Blaziken's picture

I know, right? This is the piece that started it all...

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But who is werner?

snipeU's picture

what is the part
wat is the part name

S.W.'s picture

Toccata et fuga(in D minor)

snipeU's picture

no the instrument what instrument is he using

Eaglelefty's picture

It's a Organ but since it's the first version of Musescore, it sounds like a piano.

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Uploaded Aug 3, 2010
Pages 19
Duration 6:06
Measures 144
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
License All rights reserved
Privacy  Everyone can see this score

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