Toccata et Fuga

Uploaded on Aug 3, 2010

Pages 19
Duration 06:06
Measures 144
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
Part names
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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Holy crap! The first score is Bachs most famous piece? Nice! :D
Guys, just because it's the first piece on musescore doesn't mean that you have to be like, "OH SO COOL!! I'M COMMENTING ON THE FIRST SCORE ON MUSESCORE! HELLO WORLD LOOK AT MEEEEEE"
Sorry if that was rude...
lol DUDE! lol, I accidentally pressed last instead of the number for some random reason! LOL
Fitting, that Musescore began with a classical piece.
So this is what happens when you go to the last page of browsing. Nice!!
and if I'm not mistaken it is using the old soundfont lol
Dang, that's soooooo long, 19pgs!!?? It's good, but even if I could play piano I couldn't play this until after like 72 years of practice!!
Auschwitz Michał Malinowski
I can't believe I'm commenting on the first score of musescore right now ... actually I do believe it now.
i can't believe this song is so old but people just come in just on this year.:)
I see lots of people play this! Its One Of Bach's Bests!
Its a good imitation
Did I just comment the first piece on musescore? OMG
wait, did I just comment the person who commented the first piece on musescore?
Waw ! The first piece on Musescore ^^ I'm glad to comment on it ^^ lol
Wow.Amazing.I still do not think I'm commenting on the first score of Musescore
Someone stole this: https://musescore.com/user/97255/scores/119596
it doesn't have as much views, and besides, neither of them were their original work. See? Look at the original composer: J.S. Bach. Maybe 001 didn't steal it
Well, it was this guy's original transcription. (Or maybe not, I don't know.)
In all fairness, the song title is "Toccata_et_Fuga.mscz" which means it was downloaded and everything is the same so...
Well, it was this guy's original transcription. (Or maybe not, I don't know.)
this is the oldest piece and i commented on it