Toccata et Fuga

Uploaded on Aug 3, 2010

Pages 19
Duration 6:06
Measures 144
Key signature 1 flat
Parts 1
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License None (All rights reserved)
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I'm back again and I'm probably the only guy to comment in 2017 as of yet. Also does anyone else hate the new musescore.

I commented on the oldest active musescore upload! Fitting that it be one of the classicest iconicest, piece there is. :)

You know what? I wonder if he paid for the Pro for the last 6 years? Also, is he still here as a special spirit in the MuseScore community? Like as the official admin/resident of MuseScore???
And why is there only 33413 views?

Since this is the first version of musecore, it sounds like piano but it is actually organ:P Anyway, yes, the on the first notes of bar 2 seemed haved gone up in a bit of a squuuuuuish. In bar 2, both the fermata and the mordent needs to be dowwwwwwn. BUT, also in b2, the d in the lower part of the organ the low d is supposed to be 8VB. (One octave lowerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.) Ooh, and it needs to be tied to another d in b3. I've also spotted that in the 1st&2nd parts of the organ needs to have an appegio not to just the 1st part, all the way down down to the C# in part 2. But nothing else is TOO squished other than that: so not perfect but Toccatalous! Ha!

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