Guess that Song v.2

For Solo (instrumental or vocal part)

Uploaded on Oct 15, 2017

I added ten more.
Yeah... I know the fad is kind of over, but I didn't want to just let this sit in my files collecting digital dust. I hope this is better than my first (because improvement yay), and I hope you enjoy this one last time!

1. Hint: Big version of Mario's enemy
2. Menu (Melee) (Ver. 2) [PurpleWarrior]
3. Battle! Lorekeeper Zinnia [Biskit]
4. Bubble Lake [epicstar927]
5. Hidden Land [Asian_Plays_YT]
6. Hidden Highland [Simon592002]
7. Route 123 / Introductions [Shiny Magikarp]
8. Gym Leader-Pokemon RBY [Blackavar]
9. Bluebird [AnimeXGamerGirl]
10. Guren no Yumiya [AnimeXGamerGirl]

The Unnumbered: Hint: Fate/Zero

11. Kanto Gym Leader (HGSS) [PurpleWarrior]
12. The Grand Finale [KingGordo]
13. Yesteryear (RuneScape) [bobbybobberson]
14. Light of the Seven [Meduka メデューカ]
15. Battle! (Champion - HGSS) [The Purple Guy]
16. Opening - Super Smash Bros. Melee (Brawl) [Joe_Bobthe31st]
17. Dialga / Palkia Battle [ShinyMagikarp]
18. Period [Fantasy Sheets]
19. Mt. Chimney (ORAS) [ongakuken]
20. Elite Four Battle! (B/W) [Dekkadeci]
21. Menu 1 (Brawl) [BotW Link]
22. Crimean Army Sortie [WillLawson]
23. Route 4 (Black/White) [PurpleWarrior]
24. Battleship Halberd (Kirby Squeak Squad) [King Gordo]
25. Test Drive (How to Train Your Dragon) [ejt03]
26. The Egg Travels (Main Theme) [TristanGH]
27. Raptors/Stand Together [TristanGH]
28. Final Destination (Melee) [Mr. Mackey]
29. Youngster Encounter (Diamond and Pearl) [King Gordo]
30. Final Battle! Rival (FRLG) [King Gordo]

guess the song woot old things are old no way really? really Pokemon Anime TV

Pages 6
Duration 04
Measures 112
Key signature natural
Parts 1
Part names Piano
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is 25 from a dreamworks movie?
is it "test drive" from how to train your dragon?
I thought it sounded familiar and yesterday I was looking through all your scores and listened to test drive (no wonder it sounded familiar)
aww I'm touched you looked through my scores. hope they were good. and yeah I kinda just used what I'd already written. if it ain't broke...
... don't fix it. PLEASE DON'T CHANGE IT. that is the best version of test drive I have been able to find, and I'm completely serious.
#28 is from the smash 64 intro, and I recognize #8 really well and it hurts that I can't pinpoint what it's from.
sort of. It's Final Destination (Melee). And lol 8 I think is guessed too.
#6 is hidden highland
#5 is hidden land
#9 Is Blue Bird from Naruto Shippuden.

#20 Is....Pokemon Black/White Elite 4 theme?

#30 Is Pokemon RBY champion theme?
I'm really bad at guessing, but you are REALLY good at making scores!! Think you could do Barry' battle theme from diamond? It's my favorite Pokemon theme!
maybe if I have time. It's pretty hard though. So we'll see
Alright thx for even considering this!
And if you do get the time, please let me know. You're amazing at these scores!
#6 - Temporal Tower - PMD2
(It's kind of funny because that's the dungeon I'm on right now. That's how I solved the hint.) (I also have never actually beaten the game. I started a new save file back in mid 2016. I was having trouble with the Dusknoir fight so I gave up back during summer 2017 and just recently got past it. Maybe I'll finally beat it after having this game for 5 years.)
you're really close....but no. It's the one before Temporal tower and after hidden land.
I find it funny how I just assumed that I solve the hint
Why do I always have to tell my life story?
Number 4 is Bubble Lake from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (My fav Mario & Luigi game)
#3 is part of Zinnia's Battle theme from Pokemon Omega Ruby / Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
I think 21 is menu 1 from super smash bros. brawl
my gosh, the unnumbered one sounds sooooo familiar!!!!
There's a hint in the description
I knew the years of playing would pay off
I got into old school a couple of years ago. Haven't been playing much in the past half year because of school.
Mood. I've got members and am playing the normal one. Trying to catch up on quests and stuff.
Close, it's Meta Knight's Halberd theme from Kirby Squeak Squad. Someone already guessed it. It's based off the Legendary Air Ride Machine.
show my name above number 10 plz for getting it right
Someone got it before you, and I'm listing the first person who gets it.
#2 - Menu (Melee) Ver. 2 - Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U
(I know that this is most likely not it)
No none of these are from Splatoon
#10 is "turning on the gamecube"!