Best of My MuseScore Followings (vol. 2)

For Mixed Ensembles

Uploaded on Jun 2, 2019

This description is a list. Enjoy!
1. Yes, I am aware it says volume 2. I did make a volume 1, but I never got around to actually making it into a medley like this one.

2. If you uploaded any of these pieces and you would like me to remove them from this piece, I would(n't) be happy to do so. This doesn't mean that it is no longer on the list, it just means people can't hear the piece through this piece.

3. Yes, I am aware this goes for ages, but it nice to listen to.

4. This selection is most definitely bias. These are my favourite pieces that were uploaded by the composers/arrangers that I'm following on MuseScore that weren't included in volume 1. They also had to be present on the MuseScore website at the time of me selecting the possibilities e.g. Super Mario Maker Theme by CalebKum wasn't applicable (unfortunately) because it had been taken down. I'll add a list of the volume 1 songs later in the description.

5. When I "made" volume 1, I could barely find any pieces and struggled to hit 10 songs. When I made this one, there was an overload of pieces to choose from, 28 to be exact. Since there were 10 songs in volume 1 and I'm stubborn, I had to make 18 of those 28 runner-up songs. I'll add a list of the runner ups later in the description.

7. I'm aiming to do one of these every three months e.g. volume 1 in Mar 2019, volume 2 in Jun 2019, volume 3 in Sep 2019, volume 4 in Dec 2019, volume 4 in Mar 2020, ect.

8. Don't worry Reffman - I haven't forgotten about you! I'll try and upload your requested song within the next week or so. After your request, I'll see if I can get BOMMFs vol. 1 uploaded.

9. I've tried to exactly copy the original version that was uploaded (with the exception of text inc. tempo markings), but if you see any differences that can be could be resolved, could you please let. me know so I could fix them.
BOMMFs vol. 2 RUNNER-UPS LIST (no particular order)
• Shop by Devin S. (

• Overworld- Super Mario 3D Land by CalebKum (

• A Banquet With Hisstocrat by CalebKum (

• Dancing Line - The winter (For beginners) by Bobbaボッバ(

• Hyrule Castle Theme (ALttP) for Sax Choir by AdamKaras (

• Song of Storms for Sax Choir by AdamKaras (

• Luigi’s Mansion Main Theme for Sax Choir by AdamKaras

• Need Help On This Concert Band Piece in 5/8 Any Recommendations Appreciated by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

• Really Sad Song by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

• Legend of the French Horn - old composition by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

• Dance of the Clumsy Elephant by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

• Hyrule Castle Piano by Caleb Kaiser (

• Castle Depths - Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story WIP by Caleb Kaiser (

• Lullaby in D♭ Major by Caleb Kaiser (

• Korok Forest by Caleb Kaiser (

• De Vroente by Bobbaボッバ (

• Creeping At Midnight by CalebKum

• Melancholy by CalebKum

10. New Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Band Arrangement by EthanOppenheim (

09. Staff Roll (ALttP) for Sax Choir by AdamKaras (

08. Volcano Level Band Arrangement by EthanOppenheim (

07. The Elements: Earth (Percussion Ensemble!) by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

06. Tal Tal Heights by Caleb Kaiser (

05. Battle: Realm of the Fey - Miitopia by Bobbaボッバ (

04. Gerudo Valley Theme by Devin S. (

03. One Dreary Day by CalebKum (

02. Marching by CalebKum (

01. Desert Theme New Super Mario Bros Wii Band Arrangement by EthanOppenheim (

10. Yoshi's Island Obstacle Course / Athletic Theme for Sax Choir by Adam Karas (

09. GBA Cheese Land by CalebKum (

08. Mario Raceway for Sax Choir by AdamKaras (

07. Daydreaming in the clouds expansion by Bobbaボッバ (

06. Haunted Castle!! - (actually somewhat goof for being old) by ThatEuphoniumGuy (

05. DS Tick Tock Clock by CalebKum (

04. Waltz in D minor by Caleb Kaiser (

03. The Bullet Bill Brigade by CalebKum (not available anymore)

02. Hyrule Castle by Caleb Kaiser (

01. Shiveria town by Bobbaボッバ (

Desert Theme New Super Mario Bros Wii Band Arrangement Volcano Level Band Arrangement New Super Mario Bros Castle Theme Band Arrangement EthanOppenheim Marching One Dreary Day CalebKum Gerudo Valley Theme Devin S. Battle: Realm of the Fey Bobbaボッバ Tal Tal Heights Caleb Kaiser Staff Roll (ALttP) for Sax Choir AdamKaras Best of My MuseScore Followers Zach_C

Pages 10
Duration 21:20
Measures 475
Key signature 4 sharps
Parts 54
Part names Flute, Other Woodwinds, Clarinet, Bassoon, Soprano Saxophone(2), Alto Saxophone(2), Tenor Saxophone(2), Baritone Saxophone(3), French Horn, Trumpet(3), Trombone, Tuba, Timpani, Percussion(18), Voice(3), Piano, Organ, Synthesizer(2), Harp, Guitar(5), Bass(2), Violin
Privacy Everyone can see this score
License None (All rights reserved)
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