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Can't upload scores...

Usually it takes some time to upload a score until it's shown uploaded on the upload page, and the title, if not set before, appears and is the same as the name of the score. But recently, what happens is that a score is shown uploaded exactly the moment I choose which file to upload. Which obviously means the server haven't processed and uploaded the score at all. When I click "Save" to finish uploading, the page where the newly uploaded score should be doesn't show up. Instead the whole process is instantly cancelled. It seems like the uploading haven't taken place at all. The previous page before uploading shows up, and when I check my uploaded scores, the file I want to upload doesn't appear. I don't know why but this kind of situation keeps happening. For a whole day I cannot finish uploading one single score, no matter which browser I use. Would developers please take some time to look into this issue? Thanks.

Battle Theme Competition

Competition ends on 8/25/18 midnight PST

It's been a while, peeps. I think, before school starts, we should get our creative engine in gear. Here's how this contest is gonna work:

Pick any battle scenario in any official, mainline Pokemon game. This can be anything from Wild Pokemon to Kahuna to Champion to Frontier Brain.
Compose and arrange an original piece for that scenario. It also should be newly composed, meaning no old pieces. Not that I'll be able to tell.
Upload the piece on your account and link it below, with title.
Next Saturday I'll take a listen to all the submitted pieces.
The pieces will be graded on:
Quality - Doesn't mean you have to use a soundfont, but just make sure it's not just a solo piano or uses the TimGB accordion or anything like that. And percussion really, really helps.
Harmonics - Does the piece move? Is there some attempt at creating an accompaniment? Do the chords flow well?
Coherence - Does the piece fit its theme? I'll of course be basing this judgement on Game Freak's existing pieces. But that doesn't mean it can't be wholly unique. Just that a Wild Pokemon Battle shouldn't be super emotional, and a Kahuna Battle should contain some "tribal" characteristics.
Interest - Basically, an aspect of all these categories. Which parts of the piece are "interesting?" Naturally, this may be the most subjective part of this already subjective judgment process, but if you really want to win my heart, I'll give some advice: a strong melody, a bassline that is not entirely repeating fifths (unless the scenario really calls for it), and jammin' percussion.
After I listen to the piece, I'll leave my thoughts in the comments of it. I encourage everyone else to do the same.

If your battle theme is based on a scenario that can vary in tone from game to game, such as a Rival or Cover Legendary Battle, you'll get bonus points for including an external theme at the beginning of piece (before the battle theme starts) - the theme your battle theme is based on, if that makes any sense.

Hopefully many of you see this and get inspired. Let me know if the composition period is too short, I might extend it. And also, one last note: I'll also be participating, but from scratch just like you guys. I won't be judging myself.

This competition isn't the end all be all of "Who's the best composer in Pokegeeks." I'm just one guy sitting in front of a computer with a weird obsession with Pokemon music. It's all about your participation.

Edit: I've extended the deadline because I thought about it and realized 4 days is not nearly enough to compose anything, really. So you have an extra week.

Early cadence formulas

Just found this great little webpage that showcases some medieval and renaissance cadences. Not the whole story of course, but I thought you baroque lovers might be interested to see where your V-I came from, and maybe get some inspiration from them (I love the double leading tone cadence in particular). It's just such a shame that the phrygian cadence did not survive the tonal revolution at all...

Word at a time

Basically, we write a story. BUT, everyone must only post ONE word at a time (hence the name of this game). For example, person 1 can post “The”. Person 2 can post “Bird” and person 3 can post “Ate” and so on.

By the way, you are not allowed to post punctuation in any form and make that your “word”. However, you are allowed to post something in brackets, but it won’t be part of the story.

Let’s get started...

One Big, Happy Family!! :D

If we were all, quite literally, one big happy family here, who would be whom? I'm curious to know what you would think. :P (I also kinda want to use the responses in the musical for comedic purposes....)

We could start a list lol xD

Overbearing Matriarch (and Mafia-Leading) Grandmother: @Rebecca Y (ehehehe)
The Annoying, Pestering, Worried (Bunny) Mom: @lareinedeslapins 
The Working Dad Who Always Just Sighs and Says "Go Ask Your Mother": @DaggerQuill
Them Rebellious Teenagers: @mnmwert and @Kenobiingondolin2019
Caring Dorky Brother who is Nevertheless Done with Your BS: @FreedomBuchanan
The Kid Who Somehow Becomes an Internet Meme: @MatureFungusOfAdolescentFoot42
The Terrible Triplets: @ShamiMemeMCScrubs7, @SimplePianist, and @SarCATstic_ME
That One Obnoxious Little Brother who You Can't Help but Love Anyway: @Okely Dokely
The Adorable Little Brothers who Get Away with Everything: @All4TheBASS and @caleb miller music
Eternally POd Newborn: @Beyonka
That One Relative that Only Shows Up Every Ten Years: @Cl4rin3t
Straaange (but Still Nice) Aunt: @lizzapie
Awesome but Slightly Odd Foreign Uncle the Kids All Love: @Celthyan
The Goofy Uncle: @Robin M. Butler
The Serious( Misunderstood and Humorous) Uncle: @Elliot Butler
The Sweet Sweet Cousing: @Agate817
That One Gay Cousin: @VGA
The Cousin Twenty-Two Times Removed Who is Vaguely German Royalty: @Jakob Altmann
The Pet Zombie Pig-Dragon: @Z̲ᴏ̲ᴍ̲ʙ̲ɪ̲ᴇ̲_̲P̲ɪ̲ɢ̲ᴅ̲ʀ̲ᴀ̲ɢ̲ᴏ̲ɴ̲

If anyone thinks I'm forgetting them or someone else, please tell me! We must all be a big happy family together!! aLL OF US. :D

Actually a really fun idea (in case you need some ideas or something like that)

So I did this piece called Chiaroscnaro (SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTION ), which is based the piece by Jason Sturges "Chiaroscuro", but I wrote a snare part over it. I got the idea from Chopstakovich, which is a snare piece written over a Shostakovich string quartet. Honestly, it's a whole lot of fun, and I kinda want to see what other people can do with the idea of writing a marching percussion type piece OVER a pre-existing piece.

I guess the only rule that I followed/Jesse Sieff (the composer of Chopstakovich) followed was to keep everything in the original piece the exact same, nothing is allowed to get moved around or changed in any way. With the new Musescore drumline features, you can even technically write in visuals like I think Sieff did, although those are sometimes left up to the performer. It's honestly really fun though, to essentially write AROUND someone else's rhythms and phrasing.

Some advice for finding a piece to write over: Make sure it's fast, has a good amount of rhythmic variation, and hasn't already been "Snarified" (Jesse Sieff has done this to a couple other pieces/parts of songs before, all of which are really cool)

This isn't a competition or anything, btw. I'm just offering a suggestion, in case you're out of ideas or need some inspiration :D

RSA Musical

Okay so you know how we were talking about the Dookis Opera?? Well Lizzapie suggested that instead, we do "a several act musical of the history of RSA", and I think that it would be a super fun RSA project to do together! We all spend so much time on here it would be fun to do this. What does everyone think? We'd need a script, music, lyrics, and some more stuff I can't think of right now