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Tricks for the rhythm?

hello everyone.  Ive been trying to learn this song for quite some time now but cant figure out how to play the rhythm starting in m18.  I can play it just not without hesitating.  For me since the quarter notes in the base clef are kinda in between to notes in the treble clef, its hard to play on beat (if that makes since).  Does anyone know any tricks on the rhythm??

Heres the song-

Feedback on fast modulating piece

I made this piece 18 years ago to imitate Bach's Prelude in C from WTC I, and it ended up modulating a lot. I am not a very good performer and I have no formal training in harmony. I know there are rules but I don't know them. I just listen to a lot of music and compose by ear. If I were to compose again, I guess it would be more complex, but it would still sound like this. Is it worth it?