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Piano Composition Labeled As Percussion?

in Piano

Hey everyone!

I just posted a new solo piano composition, and for some reason it was labeled as percussion instead of piano under part names. I cannot find any way to change this and have no idea why it would be labeled as such. Any help would be appreciated! I have never had this issue before. Here is a link to the song if that helps at all. Thank you in advance!

Intermediate Leveled Sheet Music of "Lost Boy"

in Piano

So there's this song Lost Boy by Ruth B and I've been trying to find versions on musescore and online too that are free but I can't seem to find one that's challenging for me. I really want to learn this song but I want it to be on my level so do you guys know any versions of lost boy where there's more than just whole notes being played over and over on the left hand? So in other words, a version where it's not so easily played?