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Mary Poppins Returns Suite (For Symphony Orchestra)

Hey guys! I recently have seen Mary Poppins Returns at the theaters. It is a wonderful movie with great music! My love of the music in that film is so great that I decided I would make an orchestra suite consisting of some of the key songs in the film. I am far from finished but if you would like so see what I have done so far, you can find the song here:

Note: I am attempting to create this score by solely writing what I hear. This is one of the first times I have done this. Feel free to point out any mistakes or anything that may be missing. Enjoy!

Car Accidents...?

Just curious, have any of you ever been in a car accident? Or know someone that was?
I was in one just last year, in Yellowstone. We were in a bear jam, and someone in a huge truck didn't see us and backed into us. Damaging our car, and if my dad hadn't honked the horn, I wouldn't be here today, because the truck would have kept coming and I would have been the first to go...

Hey guys, I’m super sorry!

I’ve been extremely busy lately, and some of you know that I took a break from MuseScore.
Not quite sure what to do with this challenge, or this group in general to be honest. I might be selecting certain judges every month. I’m open to any suggestions that you have though.

I’ve bee crazy busy because, as you get older, life gets more hectic. What should we do?

5 New Compositions

Hi! I recently added five new piano compositions to my profile. Sadly, my pdfs didn't upload how they are on my Finale Songwriter. I had better luck with the site piano shelf though, and any score you view here can be found there.

5 New Compositions

in Piano

Hi! I uploaded five pieces for piano on here. I hope you enjoy them, though unfortunately, there are some glitches in the music. Versions without glitches can be found if you search the name of the song on a site called piano shelf.