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Bass Unisons and Crescendo / Decrescendo audio playback

Hi all,

1) Regarding bass drum unison audio playback (F key) for 5 bass drums - For upcoming MDL updates would it be possible to obtain an audio sample of a 5 bass drum unison hit (as opposed to a 6 bass drum line)? When I write battery scores for 5 bass drums and there's a unison hit, you can definitely hear the bottom bass 6 overtone more than drums 1-5 and the pitch is much lower and beefier on #6 than bass 5.

2) I'm having difficulty getting proper audio playback of 1-to-2 measure Crescendo and Decrescendo (from Piano to Forte). Audio play back simply goes from Piano on 1 bar to Forte the next. Any suggestions on how I can fix that?


Unable to update score

After uploading the updated version of one of my pieces, the web page only displays "Your score is being processed" for over an hour. I am now unable to update my score. It is important to note that I have absolutely no problem uploading and updating this score in the past. However, I am unable to do it now. Please fix it asap.
This is the score which I was unable to update.

Can't upload score.

I know I have posted discussions about my inability to update scores due to the processing process that takes forever. Now I can't even upload my scores. I have tried updating this score (, but nothing is updated after my multiple attempts to update the score. So, I have tried to upload this score as a new score. But after pressing "enter", I was brought back to the "My scores" page automatically, and my new uploaded score wasn't showing up.

Musescore 2.3.1 - problems

I tried to install the update and my system crashed twice. I then got the message "This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way" and to contact Musescore.  I have tried to access the program by loading existing scores and it manages to do that but then crashes again. I have had to uninstall the update but now cannot access anything Musescore related. Any help anyone?

Synth Bass 2 new sound

The old sound of Synth Bass 2 was used to "emulate" the sound of voices, like when we transcribe a cappella scores and stuffs like that. This new sound doesn't does justice to the voices, and it doesn't sustai the notes, and can bearly do high notes.
The other thing is that I downloaded a "Soundfont" that has the old Synth Bass 2 sound, but when I try to update the sound, the "exporting..." bar gets to 100%, but the "Updating..." bar gets stuck in "3%" everytime, and it doesn't update.

Can't update my scores

 Since my laptop had a reset, everything got deleted, all the scores and everything. So, I have some scores uploaded in the musescore sites, and I downloaded a few of those, and I changed the name of the score on the app (to have it more organized), and changed some minor things on the score, and tried to update the score, but it doesn't let me. I tried to delete everything related to those scores in my laptop, so I can download it again, but it still doesn't let me. But, some scores that I downloaded does let me change the description and update the soundfont, but the scores that I want to do that, doesn't let me. Hope someone can help me with this! 

Summer Competition!

Hey guys!! I might as well start our summer comp, so here it goes!


must be submitted by July 15th 

- 1 submission per person
- no longer than 10 minutes and no shorter than 1 minute
- must be ORIGINAL
- it can be for any type of ensemble you can think of from solo Piano to Saxophone,     Viola and Harp ;P

(I haven't decided on how I'll do the judging yet, but once completed, hopefully it won't take me long to get the results out :D)

now go make some music!!!! :D

Group Search Doesn't Work

The group search returns nothing, even for sanity check queries where you'd think it would return at least one group. None of these return anything, for example:

You can't even find this group by searching for any word in its name.

This will get annoying to get around for all users who want to join and/or post scores for generalized groups (woodwinds, band, anime, etc.) I've tried getting around this by searching for the group topic I want (e.g. "woodwind") and joining groups that show up in scores in the search results, but this is a pretty inefficient process, as not every score on the first page of results is a member of any group.

I'm failing to find results on Windows 10 in Firefox, if that matters.

Uploading MDL Scores to

There are 2 ways you can upload a score to

Option 1 - Simply select File > Save Online - make sure to tick the box that says "upload score audio"

Option 2 - Before saving the score locally go to View > Synthesizer  and select "Save to Score". This should save the synth settings in the score so that the server understands how to process.

Please also share your scores to this group! We love to see them (and comment :-) ).

If you have uploaded a score previously, and there is an issue with playback, simply follow the steps above and re-upload the score.

I am also putting together a number of tutorials for MDL. Here is the starting point:

If you have already installed, skip to the other tutorials at the bottom of the link that walk you though many of the other features of MDL.

Let's Talk About Skanks

So, soon I put out a first draft of a notation guide to start to walk through the MDL notation standard.

While some of what is presented in the MDL notation guide will be familiar if you have used VDL or other notation inspired by it. Some will be a bit different.

In creating the MDL standard, we looked at the VDL standard created by Jim Casella, Murray Gussek, and Hugh Smith... and actually had long conversations with the VDL creators to understand why they did some things in the way they did. One of the key influencing factors was the limitations of Sibelius at the time VDL was created.

Since the number of noteheads and articulations in Sibelius then were limited, they were forced to make some choices that were less than ideal.

With MDL and MuseScore 2.3, we did not have such limitations and were free to create. As a result, some of the types of notation you were used to using, that were awkwardly formed from limitations of Sibelius, have been replaced in MDL.

A few examples...

Crossovers on tenors. Some use a plus above the stem, which is actually commonly used for dampening, closing, or muffling.

Others use ( ) around a note, which is commonly used for ghost notes, particularly on drumset.

It is also common to see crossovers notated with a hollow diamond notehead, which completely breaks the format for note duration.

If you look in the MDL Workspace (make sure MDL is selected in bottom left) and open the MDL articulations palette you will see that there are actually 2 designations for crossovers - LOR (Left Over Right) and ROL (Right Over Left). This makes notation even more explicit or descriptive than any other option out there.

In case you are wondering, if there is an accented crossover, the crossover goes above the accent.

Back to skanks.  I've seen that some notate these with an elongated V, which is actually a symbol for an up bow marking for instruments like violins, cellos, etc.

When we look at the actual technique of a skank, it is a hit with a quick hand mute followed immediately after. A + symbol would not be entirely accurate, as it would imply that the note would be muted upon attack, not after.

So, what is a skank? It is a quickly shortened rim shot.

In thinking about this, we have suggested (and the logic in MDL 1.1 supports) the notation of a skank as creating a rim shot on the 4th drum and then applying a staccatissimo articulation. This emulates both physical action involved in playing and also the modification of the rim shot.

As we more forward in releasing the full notation, very interested to get your thoughts, ideas, feedback. We truly want to make this in the international standard. 

Unison collision problem insidious -- please read and fix!

I hate to start a new thread for something that was mentioned a couple of days ago ( ), but there has been no response from the staff, and this problem is insidious, that is if you are using the latest MuseScore, you will prepare a score that sounds fine, and post it, and it will fail.  Short notes clip long notes as they did before 2.2, and there is now no way to see if your score will suffer before you post it (if you are using the latest MuseScore -- maybe this is a reason why you shouldn't). Here is a score someone posted this morning, where  a long note is silenced by a short note in m. 58. This is a horrible problem.  Please fix or a least acknowledge.

I was charged unknowingly.

I never received an email about being charged $49.00 for a yearly subscription, and was only emailed about my free trial ending. I would like the money to be refunded as it is a lot for me. I emailed paypal@musescore but never recieved an email back. Iv'e read other peoples stories about not getting refunded so I came here to ask for help.