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Here is my FIRST album! (Periodic Hopelessness)

Song 1: This is an imaginative world
Song 2: Our World Is Damaging!
Song 3: Alarmed Rhythm
Song 4: Minuet in e (MUST LISTEN!)
Song 5: Conservation of Night and Darkness (MUST LISTEN!)

The second album will be released, although the released date is unknown. After the second album has been released, the first album maybe deleted (unless further notification). Instead, the songs will be uploaded in youtube, with free downloaded musescore file (the method will be changed).

It must be emphasized that your comment is definitely valuable! Therefore, please leave a comment to let me improve my songs. (The songs that I have uploaded can be changed). Of course, please add them into your favourite if you like them!

Best Hamelin Recordings

Marc-Andre Hamelin is widely acclaimed as one of the greatest virtuosi alive, and has recorded all manner of pieces. I would like to enquire as to the personal preferences of this group with regard to this Canadian master?

My own favourite recordings of his:

Alkan's Symphonie pour Piano Seul; Concerto pour piano seul; Le Festin d'Esope.
Liszt's Sonata H-moll
Saint-Saens' Piano concerto no. 2, third movemnet.

That last piece he performs unassailably.

Resident Evil 2 and 3 Final Boss Themes for Solo Piano

 Hi. I want to share my first arrange with you. I made a rearranged  version for solo piano of the "Nemesis Final Metamorphosis" and "Mr.X  Super Tyrant" themes from Resident Evil 2 and 3. I will aprecciate your  thoughts because this is my first work. 

Mr.X Super Tyrant:
Nemesis Final Metamorphosis:

Piano, clarinet, violin and drums

Does anybody know a popular popsong that sound good with a piano, clarinet, violin and drums? I've already played 'Like I Can' from Sam Smith and I'm looking for something similar. 
If you know a song, please let me know. If you have the sheetmusic from it for a piano, clarinet and violin (I don't need it for the drums) then it would be totally awesome. Thank you in advance.