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Can you arrange a preexisting arrangement for a different instrument

in Piano

I found an orchestral arrangement for a song I've been wanting and I was wondering if it was alright to rearrange it if I gave credit to the original arranger.
⚫What is the correct answer?
⚫Please help!
I feel like I need to clarify. The song is from a metroid game and I found the arrangement on musescore.
So my question is: can I rearrange a musescore users orchestral arrangement too be for piano?

Waltz progress, want feedback

So I have uploaded my Waltz in D here. It is quite unfinished. I don't even have the B section started yet. But I am thinking of using the F# at the end of the A section to modulate to another key for the B section. Here are the options I see:

B minor
F# minor
G major
A major

I can't seem to decide which of these 4 keys to go to which is why I'm asking for feedback on it.

But I wouldn't mind feedback on the harmony and melody as well.

Here is the link:

Audition Pieces

Hi everyone!
I'm planning on auditioning for a fine arts high-school for 10th grade, and I wondering what you guys recommend for audition pieces. I need two pieces, one contemporary and one classical.
I would say I am mid-to-late intermediate, and am in Suzuki book 3 currently.

I need two solo pieces, without an accompaniment.

Thanks in advance,
Vina (literal mochi)