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Looking for an Indoor/Marching Band Writer?

Hey, guys! I'm Pete-Michael Nwokedi! I am a front ensemble and winds writer and I am willing to write for your group if you need a concept! I write for front ensemble (including drumset, timpani, bass/electric guitar, and synths (even MalletStation)) and marching cymbals! I can also write pit for your marching band/pep band if need be.
Additionally, if you have an indoor winds group, I can also write for them! 
If you need battery to be written as well, I also have a battery writer at my side! Contact me at or respond to the comment/privately message me and I will be sure to respond as soon as possible!

Welcome to the Official CMC Group

 Welcome to the official Classical Music Contest Group.

Composing Contests:
Any can upload their score to a contest as long as it fits into the contest description. You can also make your own contests as long as it is not a spam. Do not spam your compositions into a contest. Anyone who spams or trolls will be kicked out of the group. So please do not spam. You can only upload 3 or fewer scores per contest. Follow these rules & you can be in this group. Tell your friends, family, even people you don't know, about this group. But wait. There's more, join within the next 15 minutes & you will become a group admin, just pay separate processing & HANDELing. I hope you enjoy this group.

General Discussions:
You can also post general discussions (as long as they are not spam). You can ask questions, upload scores, ask for advice, ex. Just keep it family-friendly.

Posting Scores:
When you post scores you must tell who composed it. DO NOT SPAM!

Basic Comunity Rules:
Make sure that when you post a discussion that it is family-friendly & is not spam. 

who is chinadoll?

Some folks have wanted to know, "who is chinadoll?" These one or two folks are musescore members with an abundance of free time and curiosity about trivial issues that have nothing to do with music composition. That said (written), let us (me, this is confusing) be clear, they are very nice people and chinadoll is deeply touched (in the head, most likely) by their interest. So here goes.
Chinadoll has beautiful glossy golden brown hair, large soft eyes, a very quiet shy disposition along with an exceptionally sweet and gentle nature. Chinadoll loves loves fresh fruit (especially bananas) and vegetables. Yes, chinadoll is a Syrian Hamster with a bit of a talent for composing music. Late at night when everyone is asleep, chinadoll will tap out the notes on the home computer using her little paws. She loves attention and lots of gentle petting (especially if you give her a treat).

New Years Resolutions

2019 is almost over and the Roaring 20s are coming back. Any recommendations for the new year? Right now I am in the middle of transcribing Hot for Teacher for drumset and trying to come up with percussion arrangements and original percussion solos and ensembles? If you have any ideas, feel free to share your ideas and suggestions. I would love to hear them!!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

weißes Kleid romantische Tüll Kleid in einem einwandfreien

Unter den Meistern des Genres gehören Giambattista Valli, dessen zarte Silhouette erinnert an eine Braut zum Altar gehen, Elie Saab und seine traumhafte Kreationen phantasierte oder Marchesa, ist amerikanisches Haus für Dressing bekannt viele Prominente anlässlich der glücklichsten Tage ihres Lebens.

 Tüll, Spitze, Taft und Organza beide Materialien wie Flüssigkeiten und schlanke Schnitte machen diese einzigartigen Kleider Träume von Maschinen, die selbst die widerspenstigen Ehe phantasieren. Ebenso spektakulären Kreationen von Peter bei den Couture-Kleider de la Renta Oscar Copping, die uns, wie jedes Mal sprachlos suchen lassen.

Aber die Prinzessin Kleider haben kein Monopol auf dem Laufsteg in der Nähe. Lanvin, wir glamourösen Brautkleid, aus Elfenbein drapiert und asymmetrischen Trägern wie in Alberta Ferretti vorstellen, dass wir wollen in langen Seidennachthemd, um zu heiraten fast geben würde, eine Pelzstola ultimative Freizeitzubehör . Schließlich Fans von "weniger ist mehr" kann durch die neueste Céline und Loewe inspiriert von einem minimalistischen Brautkleid versucht sein, die Idee in einer kreativen Phoebe Philo JW Anderson zum Leben zu vereinen oder sogar entworfen
, um schließlich die Stadt ist nicht so eine schlechte Idee.